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Shhhhhh! This is a humour free zone.


This is considered an ignorable policy on Uncyclopedia. That usually means that if you ignore it, you'll be seen as inconsiderate, and you yourself will then be ignored.

If you would like to create a new page for Unquotable, we only ask that you adhere to the following minimum quality standards for new submissions.

1. Any new Unquotable page should have at least six (6) quotes on it within the first, oh, let's say 24 hours of existence.

2. Please do not use the {{Q||}} template, or derivatives, in the body of a Unquotable page. It's OK to use it at the top of the page, as would normally be the case with any Uncyclopedia article.

3. There should be at least one (1) illustration or photograph of any person being quoted, displayed prominently on the page, preferably in the upper-left corner. Ideally, such illustrations and photographs should be comically altered in some way. Regardless, the illustration should be of the actual person, not someone else who is being "passed off" as that person. This is to reduce confusion for n00bz, which there will already be enough of from the outset, given the nature of the project. In most cases it should be sufficient to use an image from the subject's main article, but if not, and it should happen that you have no skills as an image manipulator, you might try (nicely, of course) asking other users who do.


4. Please use our {{:Unquotable:NavTemplate}} at the top of each page. This template forces the Table of Contents (TOC) into a table floating on the right of the page, just beneath whatever logo we happen to be using at the time and just above the main link set. (See below for more info about recommended formatting.)

5. There should be at least one, preferably two or more, paragraphs of introductory material for each subject, explaining who the person is, or was, and perhaps how to "inhabit the character" in order to make up quotes for that person. This is more tradition than anything else, but it does help with the page layouts.

6. For each person or subject with a Unquotable page, there should first be a corresponding article in the main namespace. If such an article doesn't exist, please write one! If that article is then QVFD'd, NRV'd, VFD'd, or DDT'd, please keep trying until you get it right, and/or find someone willing to collaborate with you.

7. Quotes not written in the style of the person being quoted are more likely to fail our rigorous Quality-Assurance tests than tired, overused fart jokes, gay jokes, "all your base" references, or anything else that simply regurgitates current popular phraseology with no real relevance to the personality in question.

8. Do not place redirects for "Making up so-and-so quotes" in the main namespace for new pages. In fact, if you really want to endear yourself, fix the links in the articles that have them instead, then QVFD the redirect for any of the original quotes pages.


9. There is no number nine.

10. Do not place numbered lists in Unquotable pages, or anywhere else, especially if you have to create spurious entries just to reach the supposedly "magic" number of ten.

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