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Film is a remake of the 1998 Hollywood movie Film. Film is directed by some director no one has heard of. Starring 3 young actors no one knows and Liam Neeson, it looks like a total pile of shit, and no one should ever watch it.

I have something in my teeth[edit | edit source]

Wait, I'm gonna grab some dental floss. I hope I forget the terrible trailer I just saw by the time my teeth are crap-free.

Why should you watch Film?[edit | edit source]

You shouldn't.

Why do movies look crappier with every passing year?[edit | edit source]

Good question. If you ask me, they should have stopped right after The Great Dictator.

Why isn't this funny?[edit | edit source]

Because it's so sad.

The trailer[edit | edit source]

What do you think you've been reading so far? That was actually the trailer to Film. Now you'll get to actually watch it!

Film (remake)[edit | edit source]

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