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Our most recent frat party! COM-MIE! COM-MIE! COM-MIE!



  • Uncycloversity launched to great fanfare!
  • Uncycloversity servers crashed.


  • Uncycloversity re-launched to great fanfare!
  • Uncycloversity database erased accidentally.



If you're a fan of the ideas and works of Karl Marx, Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Mao Zedong, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, and George W. Bush, you've come to the right place! We've got just the curriculum for you!

Communists! Communists! Communists![edit]

Hammer and sickle.png

Please Go Away[edit]

Drug Dependent[edit]

  • Logo contest: This should be ridiculously easy...
  • Motto and slogan contest: help create a motto and a slogan for Uncycloversity.
  • Redesign: Constant redesigns, page moves, confusing hack usage, and rewording of links keep students on their toes! Alert students make the least trouble!

Never Again[edit]

Our Great WikiCultural Revolution will bring about a Great WikiLeap Forward! It's all part of our new Five-Year WikiPlan!

Don't Do Anything![edit]

Custodial Work[edit]