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Oscar, that sexy.

“Now isn't that sexy?”

~ Oscar Wilde on strawberries

“Let there be strawberries!”

~ God on the menu at Denny's

“Can I lick your strawberry?”

~ Bill Clinton on whispers to cute girls.

“Where am I? Is this London? I need to get to London. No, why would I want a strawberry? I'm trying to get to London.”

~ Some Guy on what was most probably drugs

“Yes, This is an erection.”

~ Oscar Wilde on taking strawberries
"You know you want me..."

The sexy Strawberries is the number one fruit of God that he invented to be used during sex. It is often combined with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and occasionally peanut butter, and is generally considered more sexy than Fruit of the Loom™ underwear. Many famous people have been reported to have used strawberries, and in some cases, to have abused them as well. Bastards. Why did the strawberry blush? She saw the salad dressing!!

Origins[edit | edit source]

Creationism theory[edit | edit source]

It is a generally-accepted fact that God created the Garden of Eden, probably in his backyard (the front yard had to remain pristine to preserve His property's resale value). This garden was a big, green, leafy place.He liked eating dogs with rabies. He often used it to attract hot people of both sexes. He often liked to experiment with sex, often using various comestibles, including fruit, both as aphrodisiacs and as intercoital snack foods. He had tried several vegetables, but found that He didn't like the feel of cucumbers — too squishy. And so, in His great and infinite power (and knowledge of sex), he created a fruit so perfect, so sweet, so seedy, so SEXY that it could only have been given one name: "Strawberry." This, then, is how the strawberry came to be.

Scientologist Theory[edit | edit source]

Scientologists believe that the common strawberry is not in fact a humble fruit which evolved here on earth, but in fact small creatures from a galaxy far far away. They believe that they arrived onto the Earth after Xenu came and did all his cool explosive stuff. This raises many questions, because if a race (albeit a small race) of aliens has the technology to travel to earth, then you'd think they wouldn't allow themselves to be farmed and eaten by us. Then again they could be very stupid, which then undermines the whole theory in the first place... Damned Scientologists, can't ever think of proper logical theories!bs

The Fungi theory[edit | edit source]

A theory had been put forth once by a very sexually depraved man, that strawberries were a fungi. His theory was first laughed at very loudly by all of his work partners, then it was quickly dismissed. Clearly the sexually depraved man had not only been sexually depraved, but he had never had a strawberry, or used one in sex (see sexual depravity mentioned in earlier part of the sentence).

  • Fungi are not sexy
  • Strawberries are sexy


  • Strawberries cannot be Fungi

Also, it has been commonly accepted that god created the strawberry, because he clearly says so on page 12345 of his autobiography ("Life, the Universe, Myself, and Everything"). Also, at this point if you deny god created the strawberry, you're denying god exists, and in this day and age you just don't do that (for fear of lightning strike; yes, god is a vengful SOB, ask Jesus).

Usage[edit | edit source]

While one partner lies on the bed/couch/table/pooltable/son's bed/beach, the other partner usually takes a strawberry, dips it in chocolate or whipped cream, and slowly lifts it to his or her mouth, rubbing it on his or her body tenderly (and yet also tantalizingly) as it rises. Once it reaches the mouth, it must be licked. The best method of licking is to use the same style with which one might lick a penis, assuming one actually did that sort of thing. Once the strawberry is licked, the holder must bite off a piece, slowly, and then kiss his/her/its partner with the strawberry flavor still in their mouth.

One may also stick the strawberry in various bodily orifices. Normally these are the sort of places where the sun don't shine [1]. This is more common for females, as their partners more often tend to eat the fruit afterwards, unless it's a bit too fishy-tasting. In the case of gay couples, well, they have strawberry-shaped stuff.

The Common Strawberry[edit | edit source]

A not-so-sexy strawberry.

As depicted above (MY ABOVE!!! Not yours!!), the strawberry God invented was SEXY. It was this that led to the creation of what is now known as the "common strawberry," formally referred to as "strawberrius non-sexius."

This strawberry came into existence when human beings decided to have strawberries of their own. But God always kept a close, watchful eye on his strawberry tree (since the original strawberries grew on trees). However, a guy named Mark hatched a plan to steal enough of these to plant his own tree. His plan was simple: While he allowed God to rape him, his friend Tom would steal a few strawberries. They knew it had to work, because God never really looked at how many strawberries he had. And it would have worked too, if tom hadn't been such a fucking idiot (more about tom later) and botched the job in such a way that God noticed what was going on almost immediately. That's when he got angry. Really, really angry. Once he discovered Mark's little ruse, he attacked Mark's village, in what later became known as "The Battle of Strawberry Fields." It is rumoured that God actually lost this battle, mainly because Chuck Norris had taken a personal interest in the affairs of mortals. After the battle, God went home to the Garden of Eden, where we are also told that his ass hurt quite badly afterwards. To this day Mark lies and claims strawberries are not berries.

And from then on, the strawberry was free to be used by everyone (except you and your Mom). But alas, we humans suck so bad that the strawberries we grow are just not quite as sexy.

Why Tom is an idiot[edit | edit source]

Tom was, and is, an idiot mainly because instead of just taking a few strawberries for seed, he thought God would fail to notice that he had chopped down the whole fucking tree, and then dragged it to where the aforementioned battle happened, leaving a trail of sexy for God to follow. Yeah, Tom is such a bloody idiot. Unbelievable...

Strawberries as a drug[edit | edit source]

A strawberry addict with her drugs.

During the 1970s, everyone smoked everything, and at one point someone tried to smoke a strawberry. This, of course, failed miserably, and ended in everyone laughing at this person, and him trying to put out the sleeve he managed to light instead of the strawberry, to no avail. His death in the ensuing conflagration meant that no one has even tried smoking a strawberry since then, and to this day no one really knows if you can get intoxicated by smoking one.

No one famous or otherwise has ever admitted to snorting or injecting a strawberry, although there were rumors of use at Strawberry Fields.

One thing we are sure of is that the strawberry is a sex drug. As such, it makes you horny. This is one of the main reasons why it is so popular, mainly because if you give someone enough strawberries, the chance that they will sleep with you goes up. And if they are potent strawberries, the chance of sex happening won't be the only thing going up. Also, it is a known fact that strawberries are a common ingredient in strong date rape drugs.

If it were not for this effect of strawberries, tabloid magazines would quickly run out of material for their articles.

Types of Strawberries[edit | edit source]

Proof that strawberries are pure evil.
  • Original Strawberry: As noted in the rest of the article, it was the first true fruit of sex. Grown to be fruity, seedy, and it loved to be put in various places. It grew on a tree. No one knows exactly what it was like to eat one, or in fact, anything about it, mainly because Steve was an idiot and ruined the tree.
  • Common Strawberry: Commonly available in supermarkets in the US and Canada. Typically bright red in color when ripe, with seeds spread externally on the surface of the berry. Favor varies from sweet to tart. Can only be used for sex acts with whip cream, without it, you might as well have it for a family breakfast.
  • Mountain Strawberry: Small, yellow, and prone to loud yodeling. Related to the Common Strawberry, but only because of a cousin who married into the family 300 years back.
  • Captain Hook Strawberry: Much like the mountain variant, except prone to pirate songs. Upon eating gives you a weird urge compelling you to have gay sex, and weird obsessions with guys in Peter Pan outfits.
  • Mexican Strawberry: Actually a euphemism for an unsavory sexual act.The Mexican Strawberry is not an edible food and should not be attempted by amateurs without close supervision and professional training. No seeds. Flavor is bitter, my friend, very bitter. Only available for huge piles of money (American Dollars! We no take other monies!).
  • Darryl Strawberry: Only one known to exist, roams unpredictably, mostly in the North American continent. Black in color. Instead of flavor, the Darryl Strawberry contains vast amounts of the mysterious characteristic "flava". Like most inedible strawberries, does not have seeds. Depending on season, may contain dangerous levels of unsafe chemicals. Until recent years was very expensive, but can now be experienced in your home for $20 per fifteen minute increment.
  • Fraser Strawberry: Fraser deriving from the word strawberry itself, a Fraser Strawberry is the best damned strawberry you'll ever see or eat! Unfortunately for tall people only those who are short can have the yummy Fraser Strawberry!

Famous Users of The Strawberry[edit | edit source]

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^ 1. Yes, I am talking dirty.