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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Orange?

Tangerine, also known as Orange, is a fruit that fails to gain the attention of vegetarians. They prefer to eat oranges.

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Tangerine or Orange?[edit | edit source]

Let's start with an Undebate: Are tangerines or oranges better?

“Tangerines are oranges, so they're equally likeable or dislikable.”

~ Brown on this debate

“But oranges are lighter than tangerines. And, they're more sour.”

~ Pink

“Tangerines are also sour.”

“No they're not!”

~ Pink

“Gotta agree with Pink. They're not sour. I tried them, and they didn't taste sour. In fact, they tasted sweet!”

“You guys are weird.”

“You're the literal colour of horseshit!”

Conclusion: Tangerines are sweeter than Oranges, and are hence less interesting. Oranges win!

How to make[edit | edit source]

This is what Tangerine looks like when you follow the 2nd procedure.

A simple way to make Tangerines in fruit form would be to grab an orange, squish it a bit, and polish. You now have a tangerine! However, how does a tangerine get its colour? Well, open some random site that has colours and input Orange Peel. Beautiful!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Just like the UnDebate says, Tangerines are less interesting than Oranges because Oranges actually can be used in a difficult challenge. Oops! Self-reference right here!
  • Mandarins don't deserve attention, they're just flat-out orange rip-offs with more ass. And don't even get me started on clementines!
  • Tangerines are psychedelics, meaning that they can drive anyone insane into signing up for a job as a psychiatrist.