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Maroon is a colour. Not much else.


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Wait, there's actually stuff about Maroon!? Alright, let's see...

Maroon is the colour of 85% of American minivans, according to a now-deleted form of this very page. Maroon is also known as the colour of blood, communists, Brown (for some people), redlinks, and communists. Maroon is also a verb meaning "to leave someone to do a MrBeast challenge for an indefinite amount of time." Maroon is one of the colours of which the "___ is not Brown" sentence makes sense.

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*Maroon is a deeper form of that one communist colour that gets more attraction, making for a much more contrast Soviet flag when paired with the hammer-and-sickle being Cream.
  • Maroon is a shade of that one communist colour, pairing it with Crimson, TOCC (of course) (btw I'll call that one communist colour TOCC for the rest of this page), and Coral.