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Violet the colour is a colour who was originally pink, but was turned purple. Violet the plant, however, is a purple flower that nobody asked for.
Violet before the event.


Violet's Uncyclopedia colour is relatively close to Pink in colour. The violet flower is called "blue" by many, but we all know that the Violet's true colour is violet.


Intense research has been put into seeing what Violet does to you. It does absolutely nothing. This was mind-boggling to those researchers! Usually, a colour must do something, or else it would be of no redeeming value. However, this colour had a redeeming value in the fact that it did absolutely nothing. Violets can't even turn blue so that one famous poem lies all the time.

The Event

Violet was enjoying their day, being as pink as ever. Then, it happened.


Violet all of a sudden looked a lot darker! It was almost like they turned purple! Violet checked on purple, and OH MY F@#%ING GOD, they looked more like indigo! This only means one thing. the mad scientist WVandZM had arrived. This was devistating for the colour community, especially the pinks! Why would they do such a horrific deed? Violet eventually forgot that WVandZM existed and proceeded to make the "Crayola ruined colours" conspiracy theory.
That's the story of how a random Uncyclopedian hurt the entire reputation of a massive business.

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