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Lime is Green's copycat that just won't stop. Lime acts like a fruit that nobody would ask for. However, that fruit can severly depress you.
Who knows what hides behind this colour? Is it Green, or is it Lime?

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Lime is a bright green colour whose hex code is usually #00ff00. It got its name from the rare Green Lemon. Studies show that the green lemon was brightened to make it not confused with Yellow Green. Many people claim that lime is "a very yellowed form of green". They try to use MS Paint's Colour Pallete to prove this. Any "00ff00"s with a red of "bf" or more are considered lime, whereas those with a red below "bf" are considered green. The MS Paint pallete, however, is very inaccurate in colour names. So, the HTML web colour pallete features lime as a classic #00ff00.

Lime in Colour Bars is known as Green. This seems to be a controversial oppinion among critics, because most Colour Bars critics know about Lime.

Is the lime/green-coloured character in Colour Bars named Lime or Green?
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Different names for Lime
[edit | edit source]

  • Lime Green
  • Green
  • Dark Green
  • Xenon
  • Your baby
  • Lime

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Who asked for this page?
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I made this page, so obviously I did. I'd also say that <insert name here> asked for this.

Why do people call Lime Green "Green"?
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Those people don't exist. I'll be on my way to edit Green to fix the Lime picture on there!

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  • Lime only blew up in popularity after the addition of Lime to the list of Among Us colours.
  • Brown has no affiliation with Lime, but they like to redirect you to Brown:Main Page.
  • Depressants are a type of drug. Lime may be a drug and we might not even know it!
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