Worst 100 Colors of All Time

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I didn't know there were 100 colors... So we'll use a lot of interesting adjectives to make it longer. Below is 100 colors that deserve to die.


I apologize English and Australian fellows. Carry on.

100-91[edit | edit source]

100. Magenta
The wannabe of red and purple. Who paints a room and goes, "I want my room fucking magenta!"? Nobody does. It also sounds like mangina.
99. Infrared
A mixture of red and infant, which shows how hot people are. So judging, isn't it?
Welcome to 99, buddy.
98. Sky Blue
Sky Blue is blue. It should be on the Worst 100 Colors That Shouldn't Exist.
97. Alice in Wonderland Blue
If you look it up, it looks white. Because it is white. This, the cake, and Tupac's death are all lies.
96. Neon
80s were lame anyway...
95. Brown
It's the color of poop. Nuff said.
94. Indigo
This is for people who think purple is too mainstream. Indigo's only use is in the rainbow. Really? I mean, what was so wrong about Roy G. Bpv?
93. Charcoal
'Murica needs to lay off the barbecue anyway...
92. Outer Space
A darker shade of grey, which doesn't make sense because space is black.
91. Cardinal
Even worse than the team, the color reeks of desperation and depression. Like a sad and hopeless shade of blood.

90-81[edit | edit source]

90. Zomp
Xbox Live usernames are not allowed to be colors.
89. Kobe
If you're that desperate to make a color that you resort to using names, then you shouldn't be a person.
Christopher Walken disapproves Zomp.
88. Hot Pink
It's not pink, it's HOT pink. As if that makes a difference...
87. Aqua
Underwater creatures like Cthulhu are attracted by this color, which means they'll be attracted to shore, which means they'll be attracted to us. Please, keep this at 87. For the sake of mystical bestiality.
86. American Rose
Just a lazy attempt to overrule Charcoal. Fuck you American Rose. Charcoal is America's color.
85. Taupe
Yeah! Take your Taupe off!

No seriously. Take Taupe off the list of colors. It's stupid.

84. Tomato
Tomato? Does it look like tomato you asshole!
83. Fandango
Pretty sure it's a Queen lyric, but scaramouch, scaramouch. We will not do the fandango.
82. Liver
This is what happens when you smoke. Your liver turns grey. Is there anything to gain from this? No. Is there anything to feel from this? No. This color supports smoking. But, that's not the point. It's just a stupid fucking color.
81. Battleship Grey
Oh no! You sunk my confidence in the modern intellectual!

80-71[edit | edit source]

80. Rust
Now, who in the right mind thinks THIS is a beautiful color. Rust is like naming a color poop, except poop might actually be acceptable!
79. Emerald
Emerald looks like mint flavored ice cream. No one likes it, and if you do, no one likes YOU.
78. Halayà úbe
Elton John, please get your album names out of my list. Thank you.
77. White
Can't read it? Neither can I.
76. UA Blue
Main color of Arizona University. But who who cares about college, anyway? Dick Cheney?
75. Tickle Me Pink
Elmo, welcome to the list. Uninvited, but you can stay.
74. Zaffre
Zomp's brother. If you're related to Zomp in anyway, listen to Christopher Walken, and get out.
73. Violet
Isn't it the same thing as purple? Oh, I'm sorry. Indigo...
72. Pistachio
Only used for Mustachio jokes. About as funny as Hu's on First.
*Fake laughs*
71. Brown-nose
In case you can't figure out why this color is bullshit, please read its name again...

70-61[edit | edit source]

70. Flame
Looks like this color has a... BURNT reputation! *bad dum csh*. Eh, fuck it. Make it number 70...
69. Super Pink
Found the gayest color for number 69 for the people who actually think the joke is funny.
68. Dark Slate Blue
This color looks like a boring, blue turd.
67. Lawn Green
This color doesn't look at all like actual grass- it is called lawn green, maybe it's because everyone has Asstroturd now.
66. Dark Orange
Not dark at all, just extremely bright.
What's worse than the color beaver and gold? A golden beaver.
65. Yellow
The color of piss.
64. Beige
An excuse for a color. Used by housewives and door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesmen because it's "nice and neutral".
63. Lilac
It's a flower, not a color. Use "purple". Or *shudder* "Indigo"...
62. Macaroni and Cheese
Mine always turns out significantly darker than this.
61. Gold
It looks like urine, not gold.

60-51[edit | edit source]

60. Medium Spring Green
An ugly easturd color.
59. Snow
The cheap version of white.
58. Go Green
Green for hippiecrits, who just like buying "Go Green" paraphernalia and pretending to care.
57. Air Superiority Blue
What the fuck is this shit. Air superiority? Air power! Air power!
56. Beau Blue
If a baby is wearing this color instead of baby blue, they will grow up to be uptight, rich, eat only caviar, and never poop.
55. Razzle Dazzle Rose
It's called Annoyingly Bright Pink...
54. New Car
Cars aren't always ugly dark blue... Just kidding you idiot
53. New York Pink
How pink looks in New York, because of all the smog.
52. Nyanza
Oh fuck no, get out of our colors Nyan Cat!
51. Angry Birds Red
Why the fuck is Angry Birds this popular?!?!

50-41[edit | edit source]

50. Tan
Maybe New Jersey hacked the list of colors, but this is unacceptable. We now welcome this fugly color to number 50.
49. Cyan
A fickle color at best. Even wikipedia mentions its lack of definition.

“...may be used as the name of any color in the range between blue and green.”

~ Opening sentence of wikipedia's article on Cyan
48. Dark Grey
Black's cheaper, uglier cousin.
47. Dark Gray
Black's cheaper, uglier, European cousin.
46. Cum White
Do I need to say more?
45. Cosmic Latte
The official color of the Universe is an ugly shade of beige copyrighted by Starbucks. Lovely.
44. Desert Sand
I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating... and it gets everywhere.
43. Heliotrope Purple
Get out of my damn colors, Copernicus.
42. Love Red
That's an order, not a color you lovesick fool.
41. Cop-per
Killing unarmed minorities isn't cool.

40-31[edit | edit source]

40. Cream
Man up and say "cum" like the rest of us. None of this sissy "Oh I'm gonna CREEEEAAAAM!" bullshit.
39. Shocking Orange
It really isn't.
38. Chartreuse
The mere sight of the color makes one shart their pants.
37. Puke Green
This one speaks for itself.
36. Kobi
It's not Kobe because it's a shade of pink, not brown.
35. HTML Pink
The only pink I see with this color is that of a pig. Like a capitalist pig, because clearly those marketing off of the internet back then clearly focused too much on the money to get their pinks and browns right.
34. Coral
They create a color that is closer to a deep orange than even dark orange, then they call it PINK. FUCKING PINK. I swear to god people, coral is a shade of ORANGE. Hell, if you don't like that, call it a shade of red!
33. Salmon
Despite having the same problem as Coral, I would've let this one slide to 34 instead of 33, but they named the color after the FLESH of a salmon, and NOT the clearer outside colours. I'm on the verge of putting this at number 32 instead. You guys are so weird.
32. Cerulean
Ugly shade of teal. Moving on.
31. Turquoise
Ugly shade of teal. Moving on.

30-21[edit | edit source]

30. Teal
Ugly shade of teal. Moving on.
29. Cadet Blue
28. Cadet Gray
You think taking an ugly shade of teal and making it gray will solve everything? Fuck you. Welcome to spot 28.
27. Space Cadet
Wow, space! I should take this off the Worst 100 colors because it has space!
26. Lemon
All shades of yellow that are more green than red should literally not exist. They're so ugly.
25. Dark Mustard
Okay, I think I found the NEW worst type of shade. Fuck all yellow-browns and green-browns.
24. Army Green
That's a dark shade of YELLOW. That's not GREEN. Is America colorblind?
23. Dark White
What the fu.....??
22. Countdown Brown
Oh, so you think you're clever? Naming your color "Countdown Brown" because its HEX values go 6-5-4-3-2-1? It's almost like literally the entire world would think of that.
21. HTML Violet
Violet? VIOLET!?!? Now this is straight up offensive. They didn't even look at the rainbow. HTML Pink and Brown made at least SOME sense; pink is meant to be a light red and brown is meant to be a red-brown, but THIS? Violet is red + blue, not like magenta! Who thought this was a good idea?
20. moccasin.
Primarily due to its association with an overused 2024 Uncyclopedia inside joke.