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According to God's True Word, the following are the worst 100* self help books of all time. Readers are required to have their sporks in hand.

100-91[edit | edit source]

100.Gay for Pay
(Low Expectations Press, 2009) $10,000 in 10 Weeks.
99.50. Interrupting
(Erratic Weather Press, 2006) How to make annoying interruptions in articles on Uncyclopedia.
99.25.Improve Your Life The Quick Way (Part One)
(SC4M Publishing, 1999) Turn your life around quickly with our 25 part series which is available with our weekly training sessions and our further improvement courses. Note. Will only work if you buy each publication, continuously attend weekly sessions and take each course offered. In literally hours your life will improve thanks to us and if it doesn't then it's your fault and your not trying hard enough.
Play the game in the first chapter repeatedly until all your fingers are gone.
98.So You Want to Huff Wikipedia
(Jimbo Wales, 2007) Huff Wikipedia in 2 million or so easy steps. Huff percentage: 0001%. Hey, that's 200 articles in English alone.
97.Hotel Management Made Easy by Norman Bates
(Hitchcock Publishing, Inc., 2003) Decoration with Taxidermy is the new craze!
96.Reading for Dummies
(forDummies Books, Inc., 1997) Learn to read in 20 chapters.
95.How to Run an Ethical Company by Kenneth Lay
(Enron Books, 2001) There's a great section about naming subsidiaries after different dinosaurs!
94.Drugs for Dummies
(forDummies Books, Inc., 1999) Featured chapters include Meth Labs: easier than they look, Stealing Oxycontin is Easy, and How to Avoid Detection.
93.How to Buy a Self-Help Book
(Blandom House, 1992) Step-by-step guides on how to get to the bookstore, find the book, and purchase it.
92.Building Bombs with Timothy McVeigh
(not published, 1996) Features all 9 major types, and detailed instructions, even with pictures!
91.Pyramid Schemes, the Simple Way
(Vanguard Press, 2000) Get a free copy for every two people you get to take advantage of our free copy deal.

90-81[edit | edit source]

90. A Swift Kick to the Nuts
(Acorn Books, 1986) Self-defense for squirrels.
89.Martha Stewart Easy Living: House Arrest Edition
(Stewart Books, 2005) How to turn an ankle bracelet into a you ankle bracelet!
88.Guide to Becoming a Hobo in One Week
(Pimp My Books, 2007) Step by step instructions on sign-making, begging, and much much more! Cost: your savings, home, and other assets.
87.Collecting Insurance Money, the Easy Way
(Laminated Press, 1978) Techniques on how to make a fire look electrical, how to get somebody to crash your car, how to effectively wear a neck brace, and much, much more! Our experts will offer personal assistance for a percentage of your settlement.
86.Surviving School as a Ginger, the right way
(Loader Press, 2006) Ways in which to avoid bullying and beatings. Some suggestions include wielding a katana or buying a Colt45
68.Fighting for Stubs
(forStubbies Books, 1990) How to use your testicles to achieve victory! Not for use by Stubs with their "third leg" removed.
67.Smart Things To Do
(Emmzee Press, 2002) This book teaches things such as how to smoke at a gas station, throw rocks at an angry tiger, and how to strap unstable rocket engines to your bike!
66.Premeditated Murder Made Easy
(Prison-Made Books, 1996) Everything from poison to ice picks are covered in this handy-dandy guide.
65.Aprender español
(Valladolid 2005) Un libro para aprender español para los que aún no hablan español.
64.Bestiality for Beginners
(Horse Screw Press, 2004) A step-by-step guide for sneaking on to a farm, choosing the right animal, sedating it, and screwing it.
63.How to Be An Emo
(Whiners Books, 2006) Learn how to listen to crappy music, cry and whine about how miserable your life is, and just be an annoying asshole!
62.I'm Okay, But You're Fucking Nuts!
(Random Horse, 1968) The classic book that helps me feel okay with the fact you're a loony control freak with unresolved father issues.
61.How to escape a Grue
(Zork Books, 2002) Even contains a Grue for practice!

60-51[edit | edit source]

60. Do-it-yourself Brain Surgery
(Dr. Frankenstein Publications, 1979) Encourages to practice your new skills "on friends".
59.How To Build The Great Pyramids With 60,000 Friends
(Giza Press, 2150 BC.) No slaves required!
58.We're Sane - Cure Your Schizophrenia By Yourselves
(John Nash Publications, 1963)
57.How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid
(Oscar Wilde, 1898)
56.How To Be A Dummy For Dummies
55.Be an Overnight Porn Star
(Blue Books, 1988) Includes separate sections for male (1034 pages) and female (2 pages) readers.
54.Free at Last - Your Guide To Escaping From Prison
(Sing Sing Books, 1933) The book includes several concealed tools.
53.German Made Easy - the New Revolutionary Electric Education Method by Dr. Mengele
(Reichspress, 1940) The book includes a gadget which will give you a powerful electric shock for every mistake you make whilst learning German. Not recommended for people with heart problems.
52.You Can Fly If You Believe In Yourself
(Squishy Books, 1989) The title is meant to be taken literally according to the book.
51.Insults For Dummies
(forDummies Books, Inc., 1998) "Buy this book, you hunch-backed disgusting little snotty-faced pile of reindeer poop!" That was merely the blurb.

50-41[edit | edit source]

50. How To Die
(GrimReaper Press, 2002) A step-by-step guide to deceasing.
49.How To Be Dead
(GrimReaper Press, 2003) The official sequel to How To Die.
48.Getting Rich The Criminal Way
(1993) Burglary, fraud, robbery… Don't just make a fortune, take it!
47.Live Forever - Become A Vampire
(Transylvania Books, 1965)
46.Surviving The Apocalypse For Less Than $1000
(End Books, 1996) Price: $995.
45.Getting Lost in Metropolis
(Konfuse Press, 1999) The book does not include maps of New York, Chicago, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, and many other big cities.
44.Quit Food - How To Lose Weight And Save Money By Not Eating
(Ano Rex Books, 1998)The inspiring book written by Swizz Beatz Tha Monsta
43.Europe For 1¢ A Day
(Backback & Blister, 1992) Under which bridges to sleep in Paris, which restaurant has the most hygienic garbage cans in Prague, and the German railway companies with the fewest guards.
42.That's All Folks - Re-creating The Classic Old-time Cartoons In Real Life
(LooneyTunes Books, 1985) Instructions to countless pranks involving anvils and explosives.
41.How To Conquer Europe, with foreword by Adolf Hitler
(Napoleonic Books, 1945)

40-31[edit | edit source]

40. The Suicide Companion
(1977) A definitive guide to taking your own life. You can write your last message on the extra pages provided.
39.War Profiteering For Dummies
(A-moral Publications, 1995) How to make money while other people are preoccupied with killing.
38.You're Deformed, Get Over It!
(forStubbies Books, 1982) How to get over your extra limbs, missing limbs, shortened/lengthened limbs, etc. and get in a porno!
37. How to blow yourself up!
(bin Laden Press, 2002) How to find the most infidels, and make your own bomb with stuff you can find at your local Chuckie Cheese.
35. OOPS!
(Mistake Publishing, 1999) How lose your place.
36. YAY!
(Correction Publishing, 1999) How to remember your place.
34. Beijing, We Have A Problem
(NASA, 1984) How to build your own spaceship and explore the fringes of the universe on less than 5 yen a day.
33.Print Your Own Money
(Books for Criminals, Inc., 1977) Counterfeit money and be rich!
32.50 Simple Ways Of Gaining The Jury's Sympathy
(OJ Publishing Co. 1959)
31.Quit smoking for Dummies
(forDummies books, inc, 1998) A piece of cake, with this book at hand. Over the past several years, the author has quit smoking several thousands of times, so he's a real expert! A step-by-step guide.

30-21[edit | edit source]

30. How to Scam People Into Buying Junk Not Worth Buying in the First Place by Billy Mays
(ScamsRus, 2004) Promising at the start, 'til you realize that's it 200 pages of blank paper.
29.How to Breath Properly by Kevin Trudeau
(Black Bird Inks, 2006) Exhale on the left nostril… Inhale from the right…
28.Sarangetti's Do-It-Yourself Miracle Cures by Timanni Pamba
(CrowsAlleyLibrary, 1998) If it cures you, it's a Miracle!
27.Iran vs. America, The Road To Victory by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
(New World Order Press, 2006) How to become an arrogant dictator and claim to be charged by God with the duty to destroy America on less than 6 infidels a day!
26.Afghanistan for Gay & Lesbian Travellers
(Stoning Books, 1999) A guide to the hidden jewel of Central Asia under the Taliban.
25.How to Finish Sentences
(Scholastic, 1982) Learn quickly and easily how to compl
24.Cómo cruzar la frontera Americana - El libro
(Mexicanes Press Syndicate, 2006) Una guía en cómo cruzar la frontera el Estados Unidos de Americana sin conseguir cogido; Ahora en Español!
23.Bukkake for Fun & Profit
(Squirt Intl., 2003) A guide for those looking into getting into the fun and profitable bukkake industry.
22.Self-evident Truisms Dolled Up With A Trite Metaphor
(Not Just A Clever Title Books, 2006)
21.Unsupported Assertions That Gel With The Reader's Prejudices
(Not Just A Clever Title Books, 2006)

20-11[edit | edit source]

20. If you Would have done it… by O.J. Simpson
Ways to kill your wife and her friend before writing a book about how it could have happened.
19.How to Hunt for Quail…The Cheney way! By Dick Cheney
Not something to read if you actually hunt.
18. Conflict Resolution - Beating Swords into Plow Shares by Bill Gates
(Ox Ford Press, 1998)
17. My Life in Antarctica by Herman Hermit
(Amundsen-Scott: Penguin, 1963). Herman explains how introspection got him into something good.
16. Discovering Your Inner Child by Pee-wee Herman
(Dwell Books, 1959)
15.Meds are Worth It! by Barbara Coloroso
(De Press, 2007). When your children act out, there's always Valium…or Chloroform
14.Losing Weight for Fun and Profit by Marilu Henner
(Bench Press, 2000). Ms. Henner describes frankly and sincerely her secret motivatation to lose weight: she figured she could make a mint selling weight-loss books.
13. Weight Loss that Works by Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh
Two men with impeccable reputations for meticulously accurate research present effective, proven weight-reduction methods.
12. The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Watching by Judith Rapoport
(Figment Classics, 1989). Help for the peeping Tom in all of us.
11. Facing Death by Saddam Hussein
(Baghdad: Gallow Books, 2006). By an expert on both sides of the issue.

10-1[edit | edit source]

10. Anger Management by Osama bin Laden and Adam Sandler
(New York: WTC Press, 2001). The book that has already changed so many lives.
9. How to Let Loose and Party by Jehovah
(only available door-to-door). Discusses God's expectation that we live it up and get laid as much as possible, rather than risk the low odds of being one of the 144,000 to be saved.
8. Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder
(Re Press, 2009). A must read for anyone stressed out due to the expectation of impending trauma.
7. Inattention Deficit Disorder
(Stopthe Press, 2007). Have a child who is too attentive to your every action? "Mommy, what were you and daddy doing that was SO noisy?" Tips to teach your child a shorter attention span.
6. How to Care About Black People by George W. Bush
(New Orleans: Katrina Publications, 2005). A #1 Worstseller!
5.Dysfunctional People (…and how to take advantage of them)
(Dyspublications, 1999). Learn to take care of YOU for a change.
Need help? feeling desperate about life, with no way to turn? Take Dr. Phil's advice: Get Over It!
4. Don't Bet the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson
(Alibi Press, 1997). Ways to improve your gambling addiction.
3.Transgendered people are from Mercury by Dr. John Gray
(Stereo Type Press, 2007)
2.Co-dependence Made Easy by Chang, Eng, and Ti-Eye Jr. Bunker
(Pub Lishers Anonymous, 2002). Have you ever developed a strong sense of independence? Are you prepared to live autonomously if something happens to your spouse? Well, the world-famous Bunker triplets provide insightful advise to change all that, so that you will never feel that you can live apart again.
1.25.Get Off Your Fat Ass, Dummy! by Dr. Jeremiah Kias
(Fat People Is Funny Press, 1921). It's thought to be the oldest self-help book ever. It failed at the time of publishing because of constant insults towards William Taft, who was and remains a national treasure.
1.Get Over It by Dr. Phil McGraw
(Unim Pressed, right now). Dr. Phil shows you how to forget useless self-help books and pop psych T.V. shows, stop whining, and just get on with your life once and for all.
-∞x-∞-∞.Chicken Soup for the Manic-depressive, Psychopathic, Sociopathic, Deranged Serial Killer's Soul by Jeffrey Dahmer, ed. The Joker
(Anarchy Press, 1997, 2008). "Jeff and Joker discuss how to overcome those pesky primal urges! Reserve your copy today!"

Honorable Mention[edit | edit source]

100 Animals
99 April Fools Jokes
98 Cartman Wannabes
97 Colors
96 Creatures to have sex with
95 Firefox extensions
94 Foods
93 Gifts to give a friend
92 Harry Potter Spin-offs
91 Inventions
90 Locations
89 LOL Cats
88 Make Out Songs
87 Moments to get a Boner
86 Moments to Laugh
85 Money Making Schemes
84 Movies
83 Nonexistent Words
82 Not In The Least Bit Sexual Things To Do With No Pants On
81 Nutty Conspiracy Theories
80 Overused Star Trek Episode Plots
79 Pokemon Cash-Ins
78 Porn Stars
77 Quick Detections that an Uncyclopedia page sucks
76 Weapons
75 Reflections on 2005
74 Reflections on 2006
73 Reflections on 2007
72 Reflections on 2008
71 Reflections on 2009
70 Reflections on 2010
69 Reflections on 2011
68 Reflections on 2012
67 Reflections on 2013
66 Reflections on 2018
65 Reflections on 2022
64 Rejected Harry Potter Novels
63 Remakes
62 Restaurants
61 Self Help Books
60 Sexual Perversions
59 Short Poems
58 Sitcom Catchphrases
57 Songs
56 Songs about Seagulling
55 Songs To Have Sex To
54 Songs To Play At A Funeral
53 Spinoffs
52 Superheroes
51 Things About the '00s
50 Things to do during Christmas
49 Things to Put In An IV
48 Things To Say In Court
47 Things to Say in the Workplace
46 Things to say on a First Date
45 Toys
44 TV Programs
43 Uncyclopedia In-Jokes
42 Video Games of all time‎
41 Video Game Movies
40 Video Game Systems
39 Ways of Being a Dick
38 Ways To Be Castrated
37 Ways to be Circumcized
36 Ways to Deliver Bad News
35 Ways to Die
34 Ways to Kill Sarah Connor
33 Ways to Start a Novel
32 Ways to Win an Argument
31 Religions