Worst 100 Reflections on 2013

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This is the official list of Uncyclopedia's Worst 100 Reflections on 2013, a site that can nearly see the light at the end of the tunnel.

91 - 100[edit]

100. Uncyclopedia leaves Wikia.
The final solution to all our problems. The world rejoices, and a cure for cancer is found.
99. Frosty and MadMax have to spend the first few months removing the thousands of Wikia links.
Pain in the ass.
98. Sir Peasewhizz whores on the IRC way too much and gets his first four 2013 features.
That's one way to get on the Hall of Shame. I guess.
97. MoneySign and Ljlego return in early January.
And then they leave again.
96. Bizzeebeever is opped.
Officially screwed.
95. Sir Peasewhizz starts a forum against Aimsplode's swastikas and admiration of the Nazis and Hitler.
Ends with Aimsplode being infi-banned and Colin "All your base" Heaney and Kip the Dip making parody forums.
94. Mr-ex777 gets brutally sodomized by Time Lords and ponies.
His anus is now the size of FOUR buttholes of the Internet.
93. Olipro is gay.
92. The Harlem Shake is invented.
Seriously, WTF?
91. Aleister says to Sir Peasewhizz that she is a girl and also Zana Dark.
Two shits were not given.

90 - 81[edit]

90. Zana Dark returns.
Then she leaves, without getting banned forever this time.
89. MadMax becomes a bureaucrat via a forum.
Actually, this was cool.
88. Leverage writes good articles. Scares us on how good he writes.
87. Iwillkillyou333 returns.
Kills us all.
86. Sir Peasewhizz takes the reigns for the UnSignpost with Bizzeebeever
The USP becomes even more unfunny by the issue.
85. Zombiebaron writes an educational USP column entitled Ask Zombiebaron.
It becomes the only part of the USP worth reading.
84. Dawg switches the USP delivery system the day before Valentine's Day for the V-Day issue.
We all laugh at BB while DawgBot and Slender are up to date, whilst Cap'n Sock Monkey is out-of-date for a couple of issues.
83. Denza hits on a 43 year old user.
Seriously, what the actual fuck?
82. Acmed2 is the only one who fell for the April Fool's prank.
Fuck him, right?
81. Spambots flood the community.
Legoktm saves the day.

80 - 0[edit]

88. June 15. Uncyclopedia down for a whole day.
Users have to go elsewhere to find comedy to masturbate to
87. Thekillerfroggy tries to take the p!$$ out of Uncyclopedia again.
He'll be back.
Zombiebaron Comissions a custom flaming can of spam for the occasion, but due to lack of funding, we won't give out bumper stickers or shirts.
80-0 We're too lazy to complete this list.
This is a description.
of all time…