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“Acmed2. That god damn pimp...”

~ Oscar Wilde on Acmed2 and his superiority

Hi. I'm Acmed2. I edit and write articles. I'm starting to chill near the requested article page, because I can.

Articles I've created[edit]


Demi Lovato
Worst 100 Colors of All Time
The Angry Squash
Al Pacino
9 out of 10 (Featured)
Marilyn Manson (requested)


HowTo:Make a Pizza (requested)
HowTo:Get Laid by Playing Guitar


UnNews:Man arrested for having creepy voice (requested)
UnNews:Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer dead at 53 (Featured)

Planned/In the Making[edit]

The Northern Alaskan Institute University of Electromagnetic Technology
Neutral Milk Hotel
Why?:Is everyone laughing at me? (requested)
HowTo:Be a Dick at an Airport
John Hitler
Le Uncyclopedia
Champagne Supernova

Everything that is Magical and Mildly Historical that Acmed2 is related to[edit]

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