Worst 100 Animals of All-Time

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These are the worst animals ever seen on earth.


A cute little friend!
100. Raccoon
I really don't know how to explain this one.
99. Chihuahua
Are they a cat, a dog or a mouse? Who knows?
98. Koala Bear
They are really cuddly!
97. Praying Mantis
Who made these?
96. Toad
The cheap version of the Frog.
95. Liger/Tion
A stupid combination of a Tiger and a Lion.
94. Poison Tree Frog
Hard to tell what this is.
93. That stick creature
Nobody knows what to call this.
92. Chimpanzee
Even though their smart... It's a monkey.
91. Deer
One lousy animal that can run fast and jump high.


A leopard? Nope! A Cheetah!
90. Antelope
Isn't this the same as 91?
89. Yak
A fat Buffalo.
88. Reindeer
The same as 91 and 90?
87. Buffalo
A lot of yaks.
86. Leopard
A spotted Cheetah.
85. Chameleon
Wow! They can change colors, isn't that amazing?!
84. Cow
Shits a lot and now my farm smells like a skunk.
83. Elephant
It also shits and makes the whole zoo smell.
82. Polar Bear
A brown bear that's white.
81. Seal
The same as a Sea-Lion.


So horny!
80. Elk
The same as 88, 91 and 90?
79. Frog
A princess kissed it!
78. Hummingbird
A bird that hums. Hmmmmmmm...
77. Penguin
They waddle funny.
76. Unibra
May sound like a perverted fantasy, but is in fact the cross of a Zebra and a Unicorn.
75. Vampire Squid
Always fighting with Werewolf Squid.
74. Rat
Made the plague.
73. Rhino
Always horny.
72. Slug
Very slimy. Hate salt.
71. Sperm Whale
A whale with the libido of an otter and the penis of a horse.


I don't care what this is!
70. Moose
The same as 80, 88, 91 and 90?
69. Blue tit
This bird is not a hooter.
68. Mouse
One came with my computer!
67. Blackbird
The Beatles did this song. That's why!
66. Cockroach
HARD as fuck to kill.
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60. Salamander- slimy and gross

59. Leech- like the tax evading dole bludgers they are.

58. Australians- really a subspecies of Homo sapiens but lacks the cognitive development of the last 10,000 years. Are easily mistaken for their cousins the stone-fish; but lazier and uglier.

57. New Zealanders- Much like Australians but only ten times worse with a high pitched voice.


55. Cats- Awful entitled little devils. All I can say.

54. Police- They’re really just pigs. Also known colloquially as coppers, da heat, Po-Po, five-oh, dickheads, fucktards, scum, etc...

53. Nick- the king of Stonefish eats rotten fungi and bottom feeds off the excrement of his brethren. His jokes about kiwis fail 100% of the time.

52. Mosquito- what is worse than a flying leech/Aussie?

51. Ostrich- fucken freaky looking things with WW1 goggles on their head. If you mate one with a Nick you get a slug.






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