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Curious George

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Curious George, the Ambisexterous Ape

Curious George is the protagonist in a series of popular children's books by the same name, written by Hans Aloveryer and his wife Bernard. The books feature a bi-curious chimpanzee named George, who is brought from his home in Africa by The Man With The PVC Gimp Mask to live with him in his cellar.

Although in the illustrations George does not correspond exactly to any non-fictional species of monkey, it is believed by many that he is in fact a bonobo, a species known to be the sexiest of the great apes.


Curious George

Our first view of George sees him living free and happy within a commune in North Africa, where he performs for money to passing tourists. One day a group of swarthy-looking men buy him drinks, and after a short time he wakes up with a burlap bag over his head. After a lengthy sea voyage George finds himself living in a cellar in New York, where he gets into a number of jolly japes with a selection of visitors to his dungeon.

George meets Cowboy Roy, from whom he learns the art of bareback riding.

George is famous for scenes demonstrating the use of his prehensile toes which allows him to be the central participant in eight-way group-sex. He prefers to sleep in an iron cage, usually wearing his "King Bull" butt plug. Only within the French language story Curious George et le Ménage à Trois is George known to have a tail.[1]

The Man

The only recurring character in the original adventures, other than George himself, is The Man With The PVC Gimp Mask.[2] The Man brought George from Africa, and it is in his house that George lives. The Man often facilitates George's adventures by taking him somewhere, usually blindfolded and ball-gagged.[3] He is always seen wearing a leather harness.

The village people

A number of individuals from the neighborhood frequently visit George and his companions throughout the stories. Although the characters are never named, it is clear from the imagery used as to their professions.[4]

  • A motorbike police officer
  • A Native American chief
  • A leather-clad biker with a handlebar mustache
  • A construction worker
  • A cowboy
Curious George first introduced tromboning to the world at large.

The Series

Hans and Bernard Aloveryer released four Curious George books.

  • Curious George and the Cross-dressing Switch Hitter (1941)
  • Curious George et la Ménage à Trois (1948)
  • Curious George and the Big Ball (1952)
  • Curious George Goes Down Under (1953)

More recently, additional Curious George books have been released by Ilova Muffin, including new adventures, pop-up books with scenes from the original books, and books adapted from the Dutch 1980s adult telefilm series.

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  1. comically, while attempting an act known as Ape Agape
  2. The character is rarely mentioned by his full name; in the Curious George animated films he is "Ted Shackles".
  3. Even more often The Man appears just in time to get George out of a tight spot.
  4. Had the series continued, other characters would have appeared: Initial sketches were made of a tinker, a tailor, a soldier and some spies.
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