Worst 100 Moments to Laugh

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They said that "laughter is the best medicine", well you laugh all day long because you are happy, am I right? But some moments are the worst to laugh. Nobody cares about the amount of crap that's happening today, and they'll just result everything to laughter, even when dead. Here's the list.

100-91[edit | edit source]

100.During a funeral
99.When your wife tells you she's a lesbian
98.While somepony points a gun to your head
97.While watching Passion of the Christ
96.While buying stuff
95.While in prison
94.While being eaten by a grue
93.While listening to your girlfriend's singing talents
92.When somebody called you an idiot
91.When being spanked by your father

90-81[edit | edit source]

89.When your friend slipped down to a very deep manhole
88.When Pinkie Pie is crying because her "kids" don't listen to her (Love yo momma, or else you have to drink the piss from the toilet on a Texan gas station owned by mysterious cannibals)
87.When your loved one is dying
86.When you farted nearby a fire source
85.During the President's Inaugural Speech
84.While being used as a body shield
83.While praying to God
82.While urinating. This makes aiming harder, unless you're a girl
81.While shooting/photoshooting people. See 82, except the girl part

80-71[edit | edit source]

80.While being punished. It will make punishments worse. Worse than 91.
79.When your doctor tells you that you will die
78.When your wife/girlfriend is wearing a beautiful outfit
76.During the apocalypse
75.When you shit yourself and everyone noticed it.
74.While being given a "raise" by your boss
73.When any form of bad news about your wife was sent to you
Example: Your Friend: She was killed on a horrible accident
72.When they announced that My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic was cancelled
71.When they announced that Transformers was cancelled

70-61[edit | edit source]

70.When your mom came in wearing a tight diving suit which is a little bit too revealing
69.During a wedding
68.While giving your girlfriend a "Popsicle"
67.When your girlfriend/wife belched
66.While in hell (You'll stay there for a longer time)
65.While reading a sad, sad story about your friend's history
64.When you got a piranha as a pet
63.When a horde of zombies are chasing you inside a hearse and you're riding a hearse full of zombies and you attempt to shoot them like you're a psycho and you ran out of ammo and you used your stick you just picked up from your backyard yesterday and killed the zombies with it and you became infected and became a zombie and you act normally like a gay British idiot who believes that the moon is where he was born and the zombie ate you and you fell down to your death and you died after eating a broccoli and the soul inside your soul went up to heaven and you laughed and asked the angel why the hell does a soul has its own soul and asked why this isn't number one and you got sent to hell and you did like from 66 and you got sent to super hell and did the same and you got sent to super duper hell and died without your spirit rising up and you are dead forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever…
62.While farting out your insides
61.When you realized that your entire family died

60-51[edit | edit source]

60.While being injured
59.During a sermon in church
58.When your friend's life is ruined
57.When YOUR life is ruined
56.During circumcision… Self-Procedure… Without anesthetic… Using a poor blacksmith's sledgehammer…
55.While massaging your grandparents on the back
54.While in court (With you as the one who made the crime)
53.While on stage filled with people watching you having sex with a badger
51.When 47 attempts to assassinate you

50-41[edit | edit source]

50.While Fluttershy is crying, especially when you laugh AT her.
HAHAHA- no wait…
49.While watching a show about kids playing with animal feces
48.When you realize how babies are made
47.While watching Shake, Rattle and Roll
46.While donating your kidneys to the Black Market
45.Before committing suicide
44.When the terminator is in front of you
43.While tied to an electric chair, running
42.When the doctor went to the time where Captain Nonexistent was born

40-31[edit | edit source]

40.When you are now a hobo without any cash on your pocket
39.During the war
38.When you realize you are pregnant (Especially if you're a guy)
37.When they announced that porn is illegal to watch in both public and private places
36.While having a wedgie
35.While being flushed into the toilet
34.When you discovered that you were married to a guy that looks like a hot chick
33.While having sex
32.While being arrested
31.While facing execution

30-21[edit | edit source]

30.When losing your genitals
29.When your girlfriend farted
28.While eating pubes
27.When attempting to grow another brain inside your anus so when you fart, you got a brand new idea.
26.When a snake bit your penis
25.At the beginning of Bambi
24.When your dad shaves his head
23.While purposly watching your grandmother have sex to get a boner
22.When you are caught by your parents watching gay porn
21.When you are caught by your parents looking at your own ass while taking a shit (no, really, I do this often, just to get an erection)

20-11[edit | edit source]

20.While reading this article.
30.When a roller coaster with many people on it breaks mid ride and the carriages go flyinginto a dark abbyss of nothingness
18.when realizing that 19 is 30
17.When you purposely unzipped your pants down (with the news camera on you) and you shook your penis up and down
16.When giving birth, and you're a guy.
15.When you grew a third nipple
14.While eating a banana
13.When sucking your own dick
12.When taking a shit while watching Dora the Explorer
11.When Sun Yat-Sen ordered you to go "raise the flag". They'll think you're perverted.

10-1[edit | edit source]

10.When snorting crack
9.While fucking your mom
8.When fucking your other mom
7.While snorting red ants
6.While dying
5.When/if your girlfriend says she loves you
4.When your girlfriend wants to fuck
3.While battleing your ultimate doom with a toothpick and glue
2.While batlling death with a condom ;) (u r fucking death)
1.When you went back in time and saw jesus christ being crucified to a cross.i swear that a divine intervention will make your penis erect longer than 55 hours (making you suffer….A LOT),sending massive amounts of your blood from your brain to your genitals until it explodes.
0.When people are sliding off the Titanic
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