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World renowned nice guy (and baseball player) Charles Manson

Yeah, he seems like a nice enough guy. I mean, he's not like one of my best friends, but he's alright. He's a lot nicer than a lot of the jerks that work around here.

Nothing special

He's actually kinda quiet, but not like a recluse or nothing. He's actually pretty funny sometimes. He had this really funny joke about Simmons' hair the other day. You kind of had to be there though. But it was way funny, trust me. Even Crenshaw was laughing. Yeah, seriously.

But he's not some obnoxious hack like Tillerman. Man, that guy's a dick.

The kind of guy you'd go out to a bar with

You know, just hang out. Gels well with a group, you know? Wouldn't mind getting everyone another round. Real polite. Won't get drunk off his ass and start yelling crap. Maybe he's not much of a drinker anyway. He seems like the designated driver type.

Seems like a fair guy

I don't think I've ever seen him get mad. I remember Stacy screwing up one time and made him stay overtime, and he didn't say anything. And, I mean, you know how everyone picks on Stacy. But he didn't say a word. Took it all in stride.

Even his ex-girlfriend is on good terms with him

You know he and Miranda used to go out? Yeah, like two years ago. She said he was a perfect gentleman. Never forgot a date. Wasn't all, like, smothering or anything. It was one of those mutual break-up kind of things. No bad blood or anything. I mean, how many people are on good terms with their ex's? Real nice guy.

The beard?

Yeah, the beard's a little strange. A little too Grizzly Adams, you know? Maybe he just doesn't look good without a beard. Like a Kevin Smith thing or something.

He invited me over to his place for the game

He's got a new flat screen or something. Told me not to worry about drinks or anything.

This is a nice place. Small brick bungalow, nothing fancy. Probably pretty good for his wages.

Hey buddy, thanks for having me over. Should I take my shoes off or anything? No? All right.

Should I flick a light on? It's kinda dark.

Hey, is that wardrobe made of tors...

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