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Vocaloid (ボーカロイド, Bōkaroido) is a now-irrelevant voice-in-a-box software that is beloved by weeaboos all around the world. It apparently started as a school project at a university in Spain back in 2000, even though it was backed by a Japanese company. Every single one of them is synthesized, so they're obviously not real. But not only that, they're basically holograms in the human world. It grew a fanbase back when Hatsune Miku was released, but then became irrelevant after Miku's 10th birthday, then became relevant during 2020 again. Like the majority of singers and bands nowadays, they have stans, the majority of which are under the age of 18 who most likely do not have a father figure, but in the past, it was mostly anime-loving millennials attending high school. As of now, even with the increase of producers and songs being produced, the product started being very irrelevant with no products in the years 2020 and 2021, but since then they have came back out of nowhere.

V1[edit | edit source]

Is this what they meant???

The first version of Vocaloid to be released to the public. At this time it was only known to the British and Japanese, and 4/5 of the vocals released were part of the Daisy Project. Seriously, what kind of name for a singing software is Daisy?!

LE♂N & L♀LA[edit | edit source]

Contrary to popular belief, they're actually the first Vocaloids ever to be released (January 15, 2004). Both of their boxart consists of their lips(?) but they're actually stock images (because they're most likely camera-shy), the latter whose image was differentiated from LEON's to have lipstick on her. Not only that, but they're supposedly black and are soul singers. But somehow producers managed to make them sing other genres of songs, like pop and rock. Also, even if they're black, most artists have drawn LEON as a white guy with blond hair and blue eyes. LOLA, on the other hand, was made to sound like Big Ma. Overall, it seems that the majority of the critics think that LOLA is better than LEON, because of the quality in voices. They've seem to be forgotten overtime after Miku got released, until 2014, when it was announced that they would be retiring because their voices aren't even that realistic to 2014's standards anyways. They failed initially because they were British, but when Vocaloid became popular, they started to become known. And when they were going to die, the fandom sent sympathy for them.

MIRIAM[edit | edit source]

Another Vocaloid that was retired in the beginning of 2014. She was based off of a British singer named Miriam Stockley, who's also known for that Queen concert after Freddie Mercury died. She was released in of July 1st, 2004.[1] However, unlike LEON and LOLA, she actually has her full face in her boxart, thus being the first one to actually not be insecure about their looks for once. She was considered an improvement over both of them, and sold pretty decently compared to them.

MEIKO[edit | edit source]

Actually the first Vocaloid in Japanese to be released, contrary to popular belief. This time, her appearance is drawn by another artist, something that hasn't been done before. Her original name was going to be Megumi. Originally this wasn't considered her true appearance, but since then it is now. Her front side has been kept secret in the V1 boxart[2], but it has been shown in the V3 boxart. She was released on November 5, 2004, and unlike Miriam, she has bigger breasts than her and is known to be a MILF despite not having any children. Also, unlike the others, she survived the V1 purge of January 2014, but she was upgraded to V3 a month after. Even her voice reflects that. Somehow she managed to sell more 3,000 copies in her first year, something that has never been done before by the other Vocaloids at this time. Her favorite drink is sake, and she is best fitted to any kind of music.

KAITO[edit | edit source]

What KAITO reads every day.

The first male Vocaloid in Japanese to be released, and was named that way because people thought it was more consistent to MEIKO. He has a case of birthday syndrome.[3] Some say his birthday is on Valentine's Day, but others think it's 3 days after the 14th of February. Originally he was going to be released in the year 2005, but it was moved to a year later. He is the first of the V1's (and also Crypton Vocaloids) to be upgraded to be upgraded to V3, doing so before Hatsune Miku could do it because Crypton was being pressured by fangirls to upgrade him first before Miku. But despite the fact that he was considered to be the most attractive male Vocaloid (thanks to his voice and his looks), he flopped in his first year, selling only 500 copies because the majority of the fanbase were not women at the time. He likes wearing scarves, and also wears one when he wears speedos. Also, his favorite food is ice cream, even his entire diet revolves around ice cream.

V2[edit | edit source]

This version is where Vocaloid started to gain relevancy and a true fanbase that consist of nothing but weeaboo millennials during their years at high school.

Sweet Ann[edit | edit source]

The final Vocaloid ever to be released until the golden age. She is also secretly Lena Horne, but a lot of people believe that she is very creepy. Released on June 29, 2007, she is supposedly based off of Bride of Frankenstein but there aren't any stitches in her head or anything. In the Taiwanese version, she was made to look less creepier. What makes this even weirder is that it originates from the fact that her voice provider is Swedish. So, a Swede Vocaloid that is also based off of an American actress? Very very thoughtful, PowerFX.

Hatsune Miku[edit | edit source]

Now this is where shit hits the fan. Released at the end of August 2007, Hatsune Miku (IPA: [ˈhætʷ̚ sjʊn ˈmɪku] HAT-soon ME-coo) was way more popular than the first 6 Vocaloids released before her. From her signature blue-green/teal/aquamarine/cyan/I don't fucking know anymore twintails to the silver, gold, and deep notes of gray in her clothes, Miku landed the Vocaloids into popularity. She basically ended every other Vocaloid's careers. She's has figures, video games, manga and even concerts. Once, people were angry at her for basically ruining everything, so much that Google and Yahoo censored her. She also even had a VEVO channel, making her the only Vocaloid to have one in the first place (but it was terminated for being fake). Miku has been considered by non-Vocaloid fans to be the first Vocaloid ever[4]. Weebs are so overprotective of her, so much that if you say anything bad they'd be very very angry at you. She's had many clones, including Sakura Miku (basically a pink reskin of her), Snow Miku (although they're much more different), Racing Miku (which only gets made into figures every year), and more. Miku is the only Vocaloid that supports transgender rights (according to social media, obviously) and even fought Notch in a Twitter standoff. Also, she claims herself to be president of the world, in the song World Is Mine. Her favorite vegetable is a leek and she spins one every single day. Since then, she along with the other Crypton Vocaloids (if they really are anymore) transferred to another engine, Piapro Studio. So far, she only has one vocal released in it.

Kagamine Rin & Len[edit | edit source]

Apparently this was their 14th birthday cake.

Originally, when they were going to be released, Rin would be the only one. However, she needed a sibling, so Crypton gave her a brother named Len. Their name means "mirror sound" in Japanese. A lot of people think that they're twins. Both of them were released on December 27, 2007[5]. They apparently celebrated their 14th birthday in the year 2021 and even had a concert that only featured both of them a year later. So, this means, they're turning 15 in 2022. Both of them have an assigned character item; On one hand, Rin's is an orange because her bow represents leaves and her bob represents an orange, so this is why. Meanwhile, Len's is a banana because his hair isn't really hair at all, it's just made of bananas. Both of them have very, very high pitched voices, like Miku, but they upped the pitch even more so both of them sound like a Nightcore reject.

Prima[edit | edit source]

Once, there were Vocaloids fit for every genre possible. But with Prima's appearance, there are now ones that could do opera songs. She is by far the most difficult Vocaloid to ever work with because let's be real, she couldn't blend in to any other genre with her opera-esque voice, unless you are a madlad and somehow manage to make her sing any other genre other than opera.[6] According to SONiKA, she is her aunt.

Camui Gackpo[edit | edit source]

Also Gackpo "rides" cucumber horses as he is too poor to own a horse.

He is the first male Vocaloid in 2 years. Yes, 2 years, after KAITO flopped into oblivion. He is voiced by none other than Gackt, a very popular singer in Japan but he is a samurai in this persona. Most non-fans confuse him as a "Gackpoid" because this and Vocaloid sound similar. In reality, Gackpo is not in another engine (yet). When he is not singing or performing on a stage, he can be seen "milking" his eggplant cows to make eggplant milk because he is too poor to own an actual cow.

Megurine Luka[edit | edit source]

What a cute being.

The final Vocaloid in Crypton's Character Vocal series. Unlike Miku, Rin, and Len, she is a college dropout because she thought college was boring and she wanted to move on with her career as a singer. She owns a pet octopus named after her, and it even looks like her. Her favorite food is tuna, and she likes putting tuna on basically everything. Because of this, she is very very good at making fish puns. And by any coincidence, she could be a mermaid. It's getting fishy in here...

GUMI[edit | edit source]

GUMI carrots.

No, it's not pronounced like "gummy". She is actually named after a childhood nickname from the Japanese-Filipino singer that she was voiced by. She is the equivalent of basically every female singer these days. It's also quite noticeable that she sounds so much like Taylor Swift because she has a very realistic voicebank and there is a secret to that method of recording that she uses. Basically, she is Internet Co.'s answer to Hatsune Miku. Both of them are very popular and have clones, except Gumi doesn't have varieties (e.g. Snow Miku), she has literal clones of her that are made by the same company with the only difference being the appearances. Strangely enough, her character item isn't a gummy bear; they're carrots because her outfit's color scheme in every version is similar to that of a carrot. Non-Vocaloid fans disregard her as a Vocaloid and think of her as a "Megpoid", similar to Gackpo. However unlike Gackpo she's getting a talk bank powered by AI. But she's not done with Vocaloid yet.

SONiKA[edit | edit source]

This is what she truly looks like.

The first English Vocaloid to ever have a true avatar. Not only that, she's the first Vocaloid ever to use Twitter. Yup, that's right, she used it before Twitter became a shithole. Her boxart looks like something you'd make in The Sims (more specifically the 2nd one)[7]. Meanwhile Zero-G decided to do something that no other company has done; release her in China and Taiwan. However, she does not have a Chinese voicebank. She has an aunt, Prima (as said in Prima's section) and an uncle, Tonio. Like Gumi, she is Zero-G's answer to Miku (again) except almost no one uses her anymore. And it's mentioned that she can turn her hair into different colors, like red, and she has freckles. SONiKA was going to be upgraded but that never happened.

SF-A2 miki[edit | edit source]

Originally she was going to be Utatane Piko's sidekick.[8] However, that never came to fruition and she is now the property of none other than AHS Software, which doesn't do any new Vocaloids anymore. In her V2 artwork, she looked like something out of a sci-fi movie since she is, well, a cyborg. But when she upgraded to V4, she became a normal human again. No one knows what "SF-A2" stands for.

Kaai Yuki[edit | edit source]

The first child Vocaloid to ever be released. She is a student in a random Japanese school (most likely virtual). She claims that she is "10 apples tall" and is heavy as "86 apples". She is most likely the popular student in Hiyama Kiyoteru's classroom, which for some reason isn't named. Also she had her voice changed in V4 because the original voice provider grew up, so she has a drastically different voice compared to now.

Hiyama Kiyoteru[edit | edit source]

AHS' first (and only) male Vocaloid. He is Kaai Yuki's teacher. Not only is he a teacher, but he is a lead singer in a band. That band is called "Ice Mountain", which is actually his name in Japanese. Just like almost every single male Vocaloid (save for KAITO and Kagamine Len), he is unpopular. What makes this even more amusing is that he, Yuki and Miki have the same birthdays (December 4).

Big AL[edit | edit source]

PowerFX's attempt at Sweet Ann's wife. He is based off of Frankenstein. However, unlike Sweet Ann, he actually has stitches on his head, so this means he's actually what he's supposed to be. He was supposed to be more sexier and edgy, like having his abs exposed. But they decided to tone it down possibly because Yamaha couldn't handle the sexiness of the original concept. Al was delayed many times, so much that he inspired a syndrome amongst male Vocaloids.[9]

Tonio[edit | edit source]

SONiKA's drunk uncle. Unlike Prima, he could at least fit into some genres for once and it doesn't even have to be in the opera genre. He sounds like Microsoft Sam except that his voice is more deeper than him. He likes drinking martinis, and like MEIKO, is an alcoholic. He was going to be released on February 2010 but according to SONiKA, he had a sore throat so he had to be delayed to June 2010. After being arrested for drinking and driving, he was delayed again to July 2010. Eventually he would be released on the 14th. So much for the DUIs...

Lily[edit | edit source]

Lily is a rock singer who also had jobs as a beekeeper and a train conductor. She is the virtual persona of Yuri Masuda, who is also her voice provider. She shares the same artist as Hatsune Miku's original artist[10], However, unlike Gumi and Gackpo, she did not have -poid at the end of the name. (Lilypoid is a very weird name to think about.) Her original voice was very annoying, but V3 fixed that real quick. She likes honey (obviously since she used to be a beekeeper) and lemons, but dislikes crows.

VY1[edit | edit source]

The first ever avatar-less Vocaloid ever in 6 years. Her supposed real name is "Mizki".[11] She appears in almost every single piece of Vocaloid-related technology that Yamaha releases, which is very surprising given the fact that Miku might've also done the same too. VY1's appearance was a hairpin in V2 and V3, but was changed to a fan in V4 onwards. As such, she likes Japanese accessories (like hairpins), but she dislikes summer and hot places. Which could mean that she is a vampire.

Ryuto[edit | edit source]

Ryuto is the first Vocaloid to be aimed at kids. As if the other Vocaloids weren't kid-friendly enough. He is based off of Gachapin (a green dinosaur) and his appearance is inspired by him. Like Gumi and Gackpo, he has been mistaken as "Gachapoid", although that's what most fans and non-fans call him nowadays. Surprisingly enough, he can adapt to other genres of music even though he is considered to be one of the most difficult ones.

Nekomura Iroha[edit | edit source]

A Heil Kittyler addict. She is a Kittyler, meaning that she is a propaganda spreader of Hello Kitty. There was a large backstory behind on how she became part of the Kitty Reich. Her voice provider wasn't disclosed until 2015, when it was revealed that she was a trap all along. That means all this time, she didn't disclose her transgender identity all along.

Utatane Piko[edit | edit source]

Originally was going to be Miki's partner in crime. However that never happened at all. He is the cyborg persona of PIKO, a utaite. Not much marketing was done except for a papercraft that was sold. Piko also sounds like Len, but with a slightly deeper voice. In July 2020, he had passed away due to Sony executives drowning him in their hot tub. They thought his voice wasn't manly enough and they had regretted not making him more attractive like KAITO.

VY2[edit | edit source]

The final one of the V2's. Coincidentally, he has the letter V and the number 2 on his name. His supposed real name is "Yuuma". But in his alleged appearance he supposedly has short, pink hair. In every single version, his appearance is a katana. Unlike VY1, he doesn't appear in a lot of Yamaha's Vocaloid-related technology.

V3[edit | edit source]

Vocaloid's peak popularity starts here.

Mew[edit | edit source]

The Pokémon that Mew is based on.

One of the first Vocaloids in this version that was developed by Yamaha and Game Freak. It is based off of the Pokémon of the same name. Its appearance includes its signature tail and ears. It also appears to be holding a cat, so this is a double entendre. Mew is the sound that cats make, and is also the name of the 151st Pokémon. And despite being Japanese, it has a tattoo of its name written in English phonetics. Even though it has a realistic voicebank, no one seems to use it.

SeeU[edit | edit source]

South Korea's answer to Hatsune Miku. After watching the movie Avatar, the executives at SBS A&T decided to create the Korean version of Miku, except she was blonde, had no connection to the Navi whatsoever, and is secretly a catgirl, but her cat ears are detachable. She was designed to be cute, lively and mysterious. SeeU also dreamt of performing in Europe. Her neckband is too small to play CDs, despite the fact that it had been mentioned that it could. There is a play button in the front of her clothes, while there is a pause button on the back of it. Whenever someone presses the pause button on the back of her clothes, she starts sleeping. There were times when the pause button was accidentally pressed during her performances, so much that the staff had to press the play button multiple times. Not only that, but it happens when she's out in the public. Her clothing size is XXS, so this means she was skinny this whole time. Also, she was part of the K-pop group Glam. Unsurprisingly, the Japanese did not approve of her because they had a war back in the 20th century. But nevertheless, her career kept going until 2014, when she was arrested for blackmailing a Korean actor for 5 billion won. She would be in jail for a year and would end her contract with the company, and thus Glam disbanded. In 2015, she got a two-year suspended sentence. She would then announce that she would be retiring from her career just to focus on her private life after her sentence was over in 2017. In 2021, which would be her 10th year in the business, a petition was made calling for SeeU to start singing again. The company behind her decided to sign her contract again and after a 4-year hiatus, she came back to the spotlight, which means that she might be going to perform again for the first time in a while (and hopefully in Europe).[12]

Tone Rion[edit | edit source]

A virtual idol and former maid from the future that was born in the year 2095. She was also the guest host of a quiz show in Japan despite being from the year 2095. No one knows what the knob in her apron does. She worked at a bar and somehow managed to time travel back into the year 2011. She claimed to be good at dancing and singing, and is based off of a concept of Vocaloids that you can meet in the real world. In 2017, she decided to quit her job as a maid and decided to form an idol group with Yumemi Nemu and a bunch of other nobodies. Her hair was changed from purple to pink while her entire looks were changed so that she could be just an idol.

Oliver[edit | edit source]

The UK's answer to Kagamine Len. Except he has depression. Oliver is based off of a choirboy from England[13] who, for some reason, was thrown into the world of Vocaloid. The bandages are caused by near fatal accidents he had during childhood, The bandage in his right eye was caused by a murder attempt, while the one in his right leg was one when he tripped from a very high place. Coincidentally, he is based off of the book Oliver Twist since both of them have English boys. He owns an American Goldfinch named James, despite the fact that he is British. Despite being disabled at this point, he somehow managed to have a Twitter account which still runs to this day. His popularity in China is growing apparently, so much that there was another Twitter account launched.

CUL[edit | edit source]

CUL, or ass in French, is a Vocaloid who once stole VY1's voice. She is the host of a TV show called Vocalo Revolution. Her ponytail is in the shape of a scythe, meaning that she is secretly the Grim Reaper. She was originally going to have a male counterpart named REV, who was going to be a Vocaloid but that never happened anyways, Despite that, there has been an attempt to have REV be a singer. She grew up in a ninja village and is the youngest of 4 sisters, however her 15-year old sister, ROSA, is technically the youngest. She owns a toy poodle named Lucia. Her favorite fruit/vegetable are tomatoes (preferably grilled or in a skewer because she dislikes bitter stuff). She has already had a fandom before existing as a Vocaloid before losing it after she got released, because as mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph, she is an asshole. Too bad...

Yuzuki Yukari[edit | edit source]

A Vocaloid that was also released at the same time as CUL. However, she is more popular than CUL possibly because she has a better voice. Coincidentally, both of them do not disclose their weights as it is a secret to them. She is obviously a rabbit. A moon rabbit to be specific. In 2021, Yukari decided not to upgrade to the newest version of Vocaloid and instead become a CeVIO vocal instead. This might be the same with CUL as both companies have moved on from Vocaloid.

Bruno[edit | edit source]

We don't talk about him.[14]

Clara[edit | edit source]

Clara is the first female Spanish Vocaloid ever released. Before she was released, her artwork was controversial because it didn't have an anime art style like the majority of the Vocaloids. So Voctro decided to have a contest. Rumple was chosen as the winner and her entire design was changed. Her iconic heart-shaped glasses were on sale. Since then, she has fallen into obscurity.

IA[edit | edit source]

A Vocaloid that somehow managed to have a fan art of hers stolen for merchandise. Despite this, she is one of the many Vocaloids that made an impact. Her age wasn't disclosed until 2022 when it was revealed that she is 16 years old. She lives in a planet full of nature with her sisters ONE and HIPPI. After the release of IA Rocks, she decided to stay away from Vocaloid from the foreseeable future and move to CeVIO, similar to what Yukari did, except she has done it prior.

Aoki Lapis[edit | edit source]

A fairy based off of the gemstone Lapis Lazuli. She is known for her very high pitched voice, even more higher than Kagamine Rin. She also sounds almost like Kasane Teto. Her alignment in the Vocaloid world is good because she can give power to life when she sings. She likes cookies and the smell of rain but she dislikes ghosts. Her evil sister does the opposite of what she does. During her 10th birthday, it turns out that she had been turned into an NFT after i-style sold her to another company, despite having a good design. A very terrible birthday present indeed.

Luo Tianyi[edit | edit source]

As if there wasn't any Miku clones already in the world, here's Luo Tianyi, the Chinese Hatsune Miku. She is younger than Miku and is based off of an angel that came into the human world after her spaceship crashed, similar to the plot of the first episode of Kirby: Right Back At Ya! This makes her an alien. She has a special skill called Resonate, as if she is a Pokémon, which she isn't. Surprisingly, unlike SeeU, which got tons of backlash because she's Korean, she was respected in the Japanese community. Every day, there's a new song uploaded for her in Bilibili, and she's even popular in her home country, even more than Miku.

Even Nickelodeon wanted in on the Vocaloid sensation.

galaco[edit | edit source]

Bad timing...

A Vocaloid that looks like it was released in 2021 to appeal to ✨ aesthetic✨ girls, despite being released in 2012. Her hairstyle predicted what would become a trend amongst Zoomers: dying your bangs in different colors, and having your hair split into 2 colors. She has only 2 voicebanks: Red and Blue. There was no Yellow voicebank because they couldn't find a way to record this specific color. If she was released in 2021, then she would've been a bestseller because of her hair. But she wasn't.

MAYU[edit | edit source]

MAYU is the first Vocaloid to be a yandere. She has a list of ex-lovers, because you know she's insane. She's got a blank space, baby. And she'll write your name. Also she would've been released in 2021 because of her hairstyle, similar to galaco, but that also never happened. If you threaten any of her lovers, she will kill you.

AVANNA[edit | edit source]

AVANNA is only relevant because of Porter Robinson. She has a Celtic theme to her design. There originally was going to be a male voice to complement her as well, but this didn't happen because they couldn't find a single good voice to record it. Otherwise, she sounds like Enya (because the executives at Zero-G cannot name at least one famous Celtic singer to mimic).

ZOLA Project[edit | edit source]

ZOLA is an acronym for "Zenithal Operated Liaison Aggregation". What the fuck does that mean? They literally mashed up long words and decided to put a very nonsensical acronym. Anyways, this was made for the 10th anniversary of Vocaloid's existence. For the first time, more than 3 voices were bundled in the mix. It's a boy band, except that it's not really a band at all and more of a trio. It's hard to use all of them individually, but with great practice comes great skill.

YANHE[edit | edit source]

The #FreeMoke riots of 2013

China's answer to MEIKO. However, she was met with controversy as the voice was actually meant for Zhiyu Moke. So much that Chinese users decided to riot outside of the Shanghai HEINAN headquarters. There were deaths in the process. After the controversy, years later, everything settled as if the riots never happened, and much to their hypocrisy, loved her like the rest of the VSingers.

YOHIOloid[edit | edit source]

A bilingual Vocaloid released in September 10, 2013. Despite the fact that his provider is Swedish, there wasn't any at all. He has cube-shaped companions. YOHIOloid is also known to be an edgelord. Back in 2021, VocaTone terminated his contract because he made terrible political comments. He was going to be a voice for Maghni AI and there was going to actually be a Swedish voicebank for him finally, but he was terminated before this could happen.

MAIKA[edit | edit source]

Yet another Miku clone, except that she's much older and sings in Spanish. However, she's actually a polyglot; she can sing in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian and more. Basically she knows every single language in the world, even ones that are extinct. Her Catalan counterpart is named ONA. So, somehow, she's like Miku except she can speak more languages than her.

Merli[edit | edit source]

Aoki Lapis, except she is black and is based off of merlinite. She has the ability to suck off the energy of living things. She likes butterflies and dancing but she dislikes spiders. Thankfully, she has yet to turn into an NFT after her sister, Lapis was kidnapped.

Macne Nana[edit | edit source]

A former GarageBand plug-in and a current employee at Apple. She prays to the lord and savior Tim Cook every morning, like the other employees. She thinks MacOS is better than Windows. Also she thinks that iOS will someday rule the world and become more used than Android. Because of this, she is known to spread pro-Apple propaganda.

kokone[edit | edit source]

kokone's favorite type of chocolate. She has stashes of these.

kokone is a Gumi clone except she can reach higher notes than her.[15] As her name implies, her birthday is on Valentine's Day. She likes boiled rice, chocolate, making cards and playing Cupid. She dislikes the lack of harmony in music. She is very known to be very addicted to chocolate.

anon & kanon[edit | edit source]

Considered to be the first biological twins in Vocaloid.[16] Each twin has a different personality. Both of them are 18 years old. Their names also rhyme too. Both of their favorite foods are bread. anon is an air-head with hair that is short like Len's. kanon, on the other hand, looks like an orange-haired variant of Akita Neru.

flower[edit | edit source]

flower is an androgynous-sounding female Vocaloid that somehow managed to get as many fanboys and fangirls as possible because of her design. In her V3 design, she has twintails, but in the V4 design her hair was cut short and she had boyish clothing. A lot of people say she's transgender because of this. Somehow she managed to get the most viewed Vocaloid song in the entire world, surpassing Miku in popularity[17]. In 2022, it was announced that she would be moving to CeVIO. So, instead of VFlower, we get Ci Flower. Should've been CFlower instead.

Tohoku Zunko[edit | edit source]

The most elitist type of mochi.

After disaster struck in the Tohoku regions of Japan, Tohoku Zunko was created to help the citizens that live there, since she lives there. She has a an ability where if she shoots an arrow at mochi, it will turn into zunda-mochi because all other varieties of mochi according to Zunko are not the best compared to zunda-mochi. She also has sisters with very special powers.

Rana[edit | edit source]

Rana, which is also frog in Spanish, is actually one of the most easiest Vocaloids to ever work with. For Spanish speakers, her design has nothing to do with frogs, but rather bears. In order to summon her, you have to collect all 30 magazines, similar to Slenderman but it's the complete opposite. After you collect all the magazines, you have to type in a code so that she could finally be yours. Sadly, it works only if you live in Japan, so there's no way you could do this if you are in a different country. Because this was very difficult and unfair, especially for the overseas users, We've Inc. decided to upgrade her to V4 so that she could be available. Apparently she's 0 years old, so this makes her an infant. Her companions are robotic animals that were built before she was created. At some point she became a magical girl.

Chika[edit | edit source]

Let's party! No...not really. She is another Gumi clone. Her appearance is similar to a porcelain doll. She would've been a marketable figure but Internet Co. missed that opportunity. The only relevant song that features her is Finders Keepers.

Yuezheng Ling[edit | edit source]

China's answer to Kagamine Rin. She was originally marketed as an upcoming Vocaloid with Zhanyin Lorra, but the latter disappeared. Unlike every other Vocaloid released so far, she had a detailed list of interests.

  • Her birthday is on April 12th.
  • As such, she is an Aries. But in the lunar calendar, she is a tiger.
  • Her blood type is O.
  • She is from Shanghai.
  • Her favorite food is Sichuan cuisine.
  • Her favorite drinks are coffee and tea.
  • The fashion brands that she wants to collaborate are Dior, Gucci, Givenchy and Vivian.
  • She lives on a private island that she owns with her brother (Longya) and owns a helicopter.
  • She likes bikes and racecars.
  • Her favorite book is The Three-Body Problem.
  • Her least favorite food is fish.
  • She is left-handed.
  • Her favorite artists include Mozart, Guns N' Roses and Avril Lavigne.

That's a lot to cover.

Xin Hua[edit | edit source]

Taiwan's version of Luo Tianyi. Before she was released, she was in a standoff with another character, Xia Yu Yao, who is also Taiwanese. In the end Xin Hua was chosen because Gynoid thought she'd sell more than Xia Yu Yao. The Mainland wasn't very impressed with her accent. Even the Taiwanese did the same too because they couldn't understand what she was saying. She was restricted to the Taiwanese when she was first sold. As the years gone by, she'd go on to be respected.

V4[edit | edit source]

A majority of these Vocaloids in this section are obscure and irrelevant, save for a few of them.

CYBER DIVA[edit | edit source]

CYBER DIVA is the English version of VY1. She is an obvious Lady Gaga copycat given her looks. She tries so hard to be like Gaga, and even went as far as wearing the meat dress in public.[18]

Sachiko[edit | edit source]

Japan's take at Prima. Despite the fact that she was voiced by the biggest Enka singer in the world, she sold less copies because Yamaha didn't have the guts to promote her. But unlike Prima, she is somewhat versatile, but otherwise a bit hard to use.

ARSLOID[edit | edit source]

Haha get it? Arse? The British are sure gonna have a fun time with this one. Contrary to popular belief, he was voiced by the leader of ARSMANGA, Akira Tano. He had concerts too, and even appeared as a cutout. Ars Manga means "the great arts" in Latin by the way.

Ruby[edit | edit source]

The appearance that led Vocaloid fans to send death threats to PowerFX employees.

Ruby had a race war after her appearance was revealed because the voice provider was black. After her P!nk-wannabe looks were revealed to the public, Vocaloid fans were outraged. So to do this, they did a movement called "#SaveRuby", which actually ended up making her black. She originally had braids but it turns out that Rana also had pink braids as well.

DEX[edit | edit source]

A wolf-human hybrid that was going to have ears and a tail but that was cut because Zero-G thought that he was going to be sold less. He is based off of the "hound" character in the story The Fox and the Hound.

DAINA[edit | edit source]

A fox-human hybrid that had the same as DEX but that never happened. She is based off of the "fox" character in the story The Fox and the Hound.

Otori Kohaku[edit | edit source]

AKA Unity-Chan. She is also a worker in Unity as well. Her hobbies include nothing but playing video games and eating curry all day. Apparently she is the only daughter of Otori Yuuji, because her mom died. When her mom left behind the stand arrow, she stabbed herself with it, getting a stand she calls "AKAZA".

Fukase[edit | edit source]

Fukase, or fuck ass, is one of the only relevant Vocaloids of this era. Unlike the majority of Vocaloids, you can't use him commercially without his permission. You have to pay to use his image. His appearance, like flower, has been beloved by fanboys and fangirls everywhere because he looks like a clown.[19] His voice sounds very similar to Kagamine Len but more higher pitched than usual.

Xingchen[edit | edit source]

She can't be considered a Vocaloid anymore because she moved to Synthesizer V. Originally, she was going to be a space-themed Miku clone, but because it's so similar that the company behind her decided to change her looks. Her Synthesizer V and Vocaloid voicebanks are drastically different from each other. So, she's kinda relevant.

Otomachi Una[edit | edit source]

Also relevant because she has had many collaborations, and by far the most promoted Internet Co. Vocaloid of the bunch. She's had a Voiceroid bank as well. Her vocal types, Sugar and Spice, are based off of the show that the Internet Co. executives were watching while making her.

CYBER SONGMAN[edit | edit source]

A male version of CYBER DIVA. He sounds like KAITO with an American accent. When they were both upgraded nothing was different in their voices.

Macne Petit[edit | edit source]

Nana's sister that also works at Apple as a baker. She is also disguised as a magical girl.

UNI[edit | edit source]

While SeeU was still in her hiatus, UNI took her spot. She is supposedly her sister and likes EDM and strawberry milk. However, unlike SeeU, she was tolerated by the Japanese this time around. Also she never went to jail or anything at all.

Yumemi Nemu[edit | edit source]

The first Vocaloid scouted into Dear Stage's new idol group project. She has pressured Tone Rion to have a different design and to quit her maid job after meeting Rion at her bar in Akihabara, otherwise she would be taken hostage and never seen again. Eventually, Rion did and decided to have a new look for herself.

Yuezheng Longya[edit | edit source]

China's answer to KAITO. At this point, the VSingers are the Chinese version of the Crypton Vocaloids. He's often shipped with KAITO in the Chinese fandom.

Kobayashi Matcha[edit | edit source]

The favored drink of many Japanese goths.

A once non-commercial Vocaloid that is based off of green tea. She is also goth as evidenced by her skull-shaped pins.

Masaoka Azuki[edit | edit source]

This is what Azuki's bun is made of.

Her entire appearance is based on red beans. Yup, you heard me right, beans. Her bun is made of a pastry and it's edible.

LUMi[edit | edit source]

LUMi, which also means snow in Finnish, has absolutely nothing to do with snow at all, sorry Finns. It also means a lot of things in other languages[20]. The Italian and French meanings are accurate most of the time (since you can't find any jellyfish in rivers). Speaking of jellyfish, LUMi is one. More specifically, the one that is immortal most of the time. It's mentioned that she's 15, but the more accurate answer is 15,000 million years old. She has been eaten at times, yet she can revive herself. LUMi lives in Bikini Bottom and is (allegedly) friends with Spongebob.

Kizuna Akari[edit | edit source]

Kizuna Akari is basically a younger version of Yuzuki Yukari. However, instead of being a bunny, she's actually a worker at NASA.

Mirai Komachi[edit | edit source]

Mirai Komachi, or Komachi Mirai, or whoever the fuck we're going to call her is the most forgettable Vocaloid of all time, even though she's made by the Pac-Man creators. Even if her Twitter account is still up and running, no one's going to work with her. This is what you get for having no promotion.

Zhiyu Moke[edit | edit source]

Originally he was going to be released in 2013, but due to controversies, YANHE was created instead. He is an obvious ripoff of Kagamine Len. It's mentioned that he never sleeps and spends all day playing video games. Also, he mentions so many pop culture references every time he speaks because he watches so many anime, TV shows and movies. Moke is considered by the VSingers to be a nuisance.

Mo Qingxian[edit | edit source]

The final VSinger to ever be released. She is based off of Megurine Luka. Both of their last names start with "M", what a coincidence, it's surprising that Crypton hasn't sued VSinger yet. Even her appearance reflects that. Not only that, she is the most unpopular of the bunch because she and Moke received lukewarm reception when they were released.

V5[edit | edit source]

This version has caused Vocaloid to be irrelevant.

Standard Vocals (V5)[edit | edit source]

In an attempt to bring back their nonexistent fanbase from 2004, they decided to revive LEON and LOLA from the dead. Their art style seems to be fitting for 2004 standards, not 2018. Amy and Chris are allegedly the true faces of LOLA and LEON respectively, so why didn't they reveal their faces back then? Apparently, Chris doesn't sound like LEON at all, as he's more higher pitched. Amy, on the other hands, seems to have a similar voice to LOLA's, so they might've actually brung back LOLA instead of LEON. Meanwhile, Kaori and Ken are allegedly replacements for MEIKO and KAITO since they've left Vocaloid, but Kaori does it better than Ken.

Haruno Sora[edit | edit source]

AHS' most irrelevant Vocaloid to date. Despite recently getting a Twitter account, no one seems to know who she is. The only way you know her is if you're Japanese or German[21].

MEIKA Hime & Mikoto[edit | edit source]

The final Vocaloids ever to be released in the 2010s and possibly overall. It was the decade that brought us the most Vocaloids, which paid off in the end. Apparently they're the first Vocaloids ever to be genderless[22]. They're based off of plum blossom spirits. They're allegedly twins, but they could also be siblings too.

V6[edit | edit source]

After 2 years, Yamaha decided to come back with version 6 out of nowhere because V5 sucked so bad that they decided to restart from the ground up. This was pretty big, but who cares anyways?

Standard Vocals (V6)[edit | edit source]

The first ever vocals to be released for the engine and of the 2020s, not to mention that they're the first vocals for the engine in 3 years. That's a long time, to be honest. They are by far one of the most expensive vocals to ever exist. Perhaps that when they were signed, Yamaha decided to raise the stakes so high that it became the most expensive record deal in Vocaloid history. Sarah, Allen, Haruka and Akito are the new names in this situation, but they're actually possibly stock image people in disguise.

Po-uta[edit | edit source]

Po-uta is the first Vocaloid released in 2023. Voiced by Porter Robinson (who has done a Vocaloid song before, mind you), he sounds like a girl. That's because he's been trained on every single song that Robinson has done in his career. You thought he was Japanese, but his name is a double entendre. Are we surprised? No one is.

Fuiro[edit | edit source]

This Vocaloid won an audition to become the next Vocaloid in February 2022. However, just like Po-uta, she has a hard to pronounce name. All you could say is that she is a reject Flower and is made to be more edgier. At least, that's what her voice provider wants.

Vocaloid now[edit | edit source]

After V5 was released, Vocaloid started becoming irrelevant. Every single company was leaving to move on to other products, like Synthesizer V, CeVIO, Neutrino and more. AHS released their final Vocaloid, which was Haruno Sora, before they left to work on Synthesizer V and CeVIO voicebanks. Meanwhile, Gynoid released theirs nearly at the end of March 2019. Crypton, the company responsible for having the most popular voicebanks ever to be released, would move on to create NT voicebanks for Piapro Studio. 1st Place decided to move IA to CeVIO and promoted her YouTube and Twitter accounts often, alonside ONE and HIPPI. Shanghai HEINAN, despite having V5 voicebanks in process for Luo Tianyi, YANHE and Yuezheng Ling, have thought about releasing Tianyi's voicebank for AI Virtual Singer. PowerFX left because their Vocaloids didn't sell well, despite OLIVER being their most popular voicebank from them. Even though they were also developing Vocaloid with Yamaha, Voctro decided to make their own engine, Voiceful. Vocatone was going to release Ausgris as a Vocaloid, but that never happened and they decided to move on to produce their own engine, Maghni AI. The people behind the Vocalo Revolution TV show has already created a talk voicebank for ROSA in CeVIO and soon she will have a singing voicebank in Synthesizer V, meaning that they're not going to be creating Vocaloids anymore. And our obvious case, Beijing Photek, the company that's also not only behind Xingchen, but also every other one of her sisters, decided to stop production of Xingchen's Vocaloid product because they just wanted freedom, so they did.

Meanwhile, Internet Co. had no plans for a V5 update, but they mentioned that Gumi will be getting a new talk bank for A.I. Voice. Zero-G has mentioned that they have no plans to develop any more Vocaloids because they obviously didn't sell well. Could Vocaloid possibly be relevant again?

Notes[edit | edit source]

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