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Bring Salmon Back! Bring Salmon Back!

some random dude trying to get Salmon back

Bring back Salmon, we will not.

Yoda on That dude's comment

Underrated colours are colours that are so underrated that they won't get their own page unless some miracle happens. These miracles include:

Bisque[edit | edit source]

Who wouldn't want some sweet crab, lobster, and skin soup?

Bisque is a smooth, creamy, high seasoned, french, underrated, creamy, overwhelmed soup colour. Not to be confused with Beige. Bisque soup is made from lobster and crabs. The colour is also known for being overwhelming, creamy, underrated, french, high seasoned, creamy, smooth, very hard to see, and Beige.

Why eat Bisque?[edit | edit source]

Why is it underused?[edit | edit source]

You can probably guess why.

Tan[edit | edit source]

Full article: Tan
Wait, what's Tan doing here? They got their own page!

Pink?[edit | edit source]

Not again! Just go to Pink
Wait, this isn't the right pink! Let's call it something different.

Mauve[edit | edit source]

Wait, no, that got its own page.

Pink Slimes![edit | edit source]

OK, that just doesn't make any sense.

Light Brown[edit | edit source]

Light Brown is one of Brown's younger cousins. Not to be confused with Copper or Bronze. Light Brown is formed by mixing brown and yellow/white. However, mixing brown and white results in a more tan colour. And don't get me started on mixing brown and aqua!

Dark Brown[edit | edit source]

This isn't dark brown.
Dark Brown is, again, one of Brown's younger cousins. Not to be confused with Dark Chocolate. Dirt may be considered brown, but it's mostly a dark brown, or maybe even a brown-grey! However, please don't call it a medium brown. If you call dirt a medium brown, or even a light brown, you have some skill issues.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

It turns out, there aren't many underrated colours. An overrated colours list would be better. Think about all the possibilities! Maybe we can have red, blue, green, pink, tan, navajo white, beige, green, skin, and penis. Could really make a great list!