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Bronze is a special type of brown metal used for trophies and memorabilia. Some metal looks like it's bronze but it is usually just a cheap faux-finished-looking alloy and is not actual bronze, although it is notably more expensive when you're shopping for household metal fixtures like sink faucets, cabinet pulls and door handles. Bronze is a neutral and non-spectral color. It does not fall in the ROY G BIV spectrum and has not been used in many rainbows since the 1970s. Well below silver – typically 3rd place and lower – bronze medals are often sold at thrift stores after the recipient has passed away.

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I'm that important.

Bronze is one of my favorite colors. It is Rodin's favorite color also. People who appreciate this color usually have a fascination with all things brown. It's just, like, a brown that sparkles and catches the light. I wish my skin was bronze, I am pasty and white.

 Suri Cruise
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