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What an original name!

Drama Queen on Bright Purple

A perfect example of what a "bright" version of purple looks like.

Bright Purple is purple but bright. Makes sense to me. Lavender seems like a bright purple, but you don't understand the difference between "bright" and "pale". Bright colours are normal fully-saturated colours, whereas pale colours are desaturated and lacklustre. Bright colours include the following:

History[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Bright Purple and all other variations of Purple are believed to have been made by an unknown source. Some colours, like deep purple, were rediscovered earlier than others. Bright Purple was rediscovered in 46 AD when someone unknown in Germany, who was the Holy Roman Empire at the time, found out about mixing blue and purple to make a new colour. It was given the name "violet". People celebrated the new colour, as it was a cheaper form of purple. More clothes were made with "violet" than purple. However, when a pinkish colour was discovered in 125 AD in France and was given the name "violet", the other people were furious.

Conflict[edit | edit source]

The French and Germans went into conflict in 130 AD. Unfortunately, the Germans won that war. What do they call the French Violet we all came to know and love? Bright Purple.

20th Century[edit | edit source]

The 1900s were when Bright Purple gained some steam again. The Germans used Bright Purple to their advantage to criticize the French for acting too cheap with purple. This was an attempt to have people turn their backs on France. It failed miserably but made Bright Purple the 2nd most hated colour of the 20th century, only less hated than Brown. Today, Bright Purple is still in the Top 10 most hated colours.

Today[edit | edit source]

Bright Purple is now getting confused with Lavender due to an unknown reason. Bright Purple is still one of the most hated colours. Bright Purple is still considered "Violet" by many French citizens. stalkers scientists have made little progress on the chemicals used for making Bright Purple. Overall, these last few centuries have been struggling for Bright Purple.

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