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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for this, or this? How about this?
A perfect example of Khaki. If anyone thinks that this is Beige, I have something to say.

Khaki is a colour but is also a colour and a colour.

History[edit | edit source]

Khaki started as Gold when it was made. Scientists have proven Khaki was made before Gold. The only reason that Khaki is not Gold is that it got worn down by erosion. Khaki was also de-saturated from stuff like Cyan, me, Gold (in the recent years), and cyanide. Lavender was suggested to be a cause of Khaki's erosion, but that was proven false. You survive this time, Lavender.

Khaki as of now[edit | edit source]

Khaki today is very rare but very special. Khaki deserves more than being called "pale beige". Khaki is also a good estimate for the Uncyclopedia logo, but Beige does a better job. Khaki is also related to Bananas, as it is close to a banana colour. Finally, Banana Khaki is associated with hex codes similar to #ffff80 or #808040.