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I always wear a yellow flannel every time I rate an album that's so fucking good that I would listen to it on repeat every time.

Hi everyone, Oscarthony Wildetano here, the internet's busiest music nerd, and it's time for a review of Uncyclopedia. Uncyclopedia is a website that parodies Wikipedia. Or maybe it's the opposite. Founded by a guy named Jonathan Huang in 2005, which was the year that I think is bananas, like Uncyclopedia, it claims to be the "content-free" encyclopedia owned by the Uncyclomedia Foundation. Thankfully, unlike Wikipedia, it doesn't beg for donations every time you go to a page, and is instead a separate page from its own.

It appears that satire is used a lot on the website. Although some of them can go as far as making light of serious topics like Hiroshima and 9/11 but in a funny way, I suppose. They even have their own jokes too which is something that I expect from a satire site. So I'm here on the Main Page right now and to be honest, it does a very good job at replicating Wikipedia's homepage. I mean, people wouldn't be able to get fooled by it!

I also have the best teeth in the world. Oh yeah, well, apparently, Oscar Wilde founded it and has like several quotes here.

Main Page[edit | edit source]

So, for some reason, every time you restart this page, a random featured article gets randomized, unless the users, or should I say Uncyclopedians manage to feature one. And it becomes one for like a week or so, and then it reverts back to as it was before. I've seen this pattern before in the featured images section and so far no one has featured an image for...a while. Unless there has to be something that finally gets featured. Then there's a Did You Know section. It's more amusing than Wikipedia's. Is this a pattern that I'm seeing that every time I reload their main page everything gets randomized? Actually, maybe I took way too much.

Okay, maybe not. I looked at the On This Day section and it changes every day. So, anyways, today is September 5. And guess what? It changes! Like magic! Wow! There's also events that I didn't know happened in history, but I learned a lot.

UnNews[edit | edit source]

This is the flannel I wear every time I don't know what number to rate an album.

There's a lot of things going on in the world right now. With UnNews, which is a parody of WikiNews, it turns out some of these Uncyclopedians are very good at reporting the latest news. You have stuff like Eurovision or some random man whose nipples fell off. I don't know how I managed to say that, but yeah, it's true. There was a man whose nipples fell off for some reason. So, I guess it's a credible source.

UnDictionary[edit | edit source]

Uncyclopedia has their own version of a Dictionary called the UnDictionary. However, for some reason, there's less words than Wiktionary. How? I mean, I guess it's hard to make up words and such, but there's some ordinary words that have additional definitions. For example, let's take the word Potato. It's a vegetable that can be used to make things like fries. However, there's another meaning to it. So, apparently, potatoes can explode too. I didn't know that.

UnTunes[edit | edit source]

As a music critic myself, I felt very excited that somehow Uncyclopedia has its own version of iTunes. Best of all, it's free. Here are some of my favorite songs:

Here is one of my least favorites:

Honestly, I did not know one of the biggest people from the music industry somehow managed to put one of his songs in the UnTunes Store. To me, it's a ripoff of No Scrubs by TLC. The latter is better. I do not want to hear his earbleeding voice anymore. It's NOT GOOD. I would much rather listen to Radiohead or Limp Bizkit. Or maybe even better, Death Grips. Oh yeah, and he dissed me. Let's move on.

UnGames[edit | edit source]

If you want to kill some time, Uncyclopedia has a collection of games you can play. Well, apparently, some of them run on Flash Player which means they don't work anymore. If only did the developers came back and resurrected them...Also, Wikipedia claims it's a parody of Choose Your Own Adventure books. Actually, some of them aren't.

Also, I like playing Zork. It's a great timewaster. If you like games, then it's for you.

HowTo[edit | edit source]

So according to the Wikipedia version of Uncyclopedia, as it turns out, WikiHow isn't related with Wikipedia. This is ironic, honestly, because I thought they were related. I guess I was tricked. But anyways, HowTo like WikiHow. At least its images aren't very weird, wacky and crazy.

UnBooks[edit | edit source]

"Read at your own risk". Well, this makes sense considering that UnBooks is literally WikiBooks. Except most of it isn't textbooks, thank fucking god, but rather books that you might see in your library. Everything is available in paperback, so if you want a good read I highly suggest you go there.

UnPoetia[edit | edit source]

We've reached another point where it doesn't have to do with a Wikimedia project at all. UnPoetia is basically poetry, in general. Someday these could be turned in songs you could hear in the UnTunes Store, but that could be unlikely.

Unquoteable[edit | edit source]

Earlier in the review I said that a majority of quotes here are attributed to Oscar Wilde, which is also apparently the national sport of England, and someday, an Olympic sport. Well, guess what? There's a section called Unquotable where you can make up any quote that's said by a celebrity, like Oscar Wilde. Or me, because I have the best teeth in the game.

Uncycloversity[edit | edit source]

A university in the middle of nowhere. Maybe perhaps next to Oscar Wilde's homeplace, I'm guessing. Anyways, Uncycloversity has a lot of learning resources and ways that you could graduate. Once I saw one of their teams win a college basketball tournament. It was fun.

UnDebate[edit | edit source]

So, unlike the others in this list, UnDebate is based on a dead website. It basically gives out a list of pros and cons to a given situation, such as if I have the best teeth of all people or if I have a great fashion sense. Now I'm going to its original source, Debatepedia- Wait fuck. Why is it a gambling site now?

UnScripts[edit | edit source]

UnScripts has lots of very good scripts for plays. Well, apparently, Wikipedia thinks its a parody of WikiSource. So maybe it's UnSource but that's not the name of this project. Although, I don't watch Broadway musicals or plays.

Why?[edit | edit source]



Cal, get out. I'm trying to do a review on Uncyclopedia here and you're just ruining the vibe. Now get back to the Whack Cal Zone. Anyways, this is supposedly a parody of most answers websites, most specifically Answers dot com, but it has a lot of justified reasons on why you should believe things, like, why is Cal in my room-


I know. Now get back to your zone, now.

UnReviews[edit | edit source]

Opinions galore in UnReviews, a page where it's basically a parody of...Metacritic, I think. And other review websites, but Metacritic will always be the website that I'm thinking of. So I guess I could put all my reviews in that page.


Cal, how many times do I have to say to get out?

UnVoyage[edit | edit source]

There's a bunch of vacation ideas from UnVoyage, an obvious parody of WikiVoyage. There's a lot of places that I could go to after I'm done with List Week every year, like, California.


No. Cal, I will not take you anywhere. You stay in your Whack Cal Zone. Forever.

Final Rating[edit | edit source]

Well, I guess I have a page on Uncyclopedia now, I guess. Someone made it. I wonder who it is. I guess there's more to it, but maybe my rating could change. At least it's better than Encyclopedia Dramatica. I'm feeling a light 6 to a decent 7 on this website.

Transition. Did you go to this website? Did you love it or hate it? If so, hit the like and subscribe button, and especially the bell to next to it. Anthony Fantano, Uncyclopedia, forever.

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