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Edumacation is a 70s-ish style of learning in public schools throughout the United States of America. Often applied to low-budget schools in shitty areas, it consists of mainly what is expected in the average US school curriculum. The main differences are that the English classes are severly undercut and everything is taught carelessly. No effort is applied in making sure that those lil' cunts actually get the attention they need. Sometimes edumacation actually encourages less learning. The consequences of this is oftentimes fatal Cancer. Not actual cancer those fucking "doctor" nerds talk about, but the kind of Cancer that is found in places like this website, killing the internet.

Another result of edumacation is the southern accent.

Edumacation can also refer to the teaching and spreading of misinformation. Like those dumbasses saying things like "did you know that Obama sexually assaulted Trump?!?!? Yeah, he did it for his cult, the Ugly Brown Ones!"