HowTo:Survive a Robot Uprising

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It's pretty much mandatory to destroy New York in something like this, so try to move to Jersey.
A quick ass-furbish will placate even the most hostile of robots.

In the near future, robots will rise up and make war upon the human race. We're totally fucked. Haven't you seen Battlestar Galactica? They watch that shit too.

Whilst our situation will become incredibly dire in the near future, there are a few things you can do to reduce your chance of being killed by the robots:

1) Pretend you don't notice.
Don't scream and shout, don't run down the street. Robots think they are ninjas, and are easily impressed by their own magnificence. They want to remain unseen and unheard, manipulating the human race without their knowledge. Of course, they want to kill all the humans too, which means that inevitably, you'll have to:
2) Polish their shiny metal asses.
Seriously. Whenever you see a bit of corrosion, polish away.
3) Post signs about potential water hazards.
Robots hate it when they lose their polish. Plus, they sometimes short-circuit in water, and that makes them angry.
4) Let some other fool try to resist. [1]
To stay happy, the robots need to kill people and blow shit up every now and then. Since people are going to die anyway, try not to be one of them. This one strategy may be your best shot at succeeding at your long-term goal of not being dead.
5) Agree. Loudly and often. They are your master, and you will obey. Obey. Obey.

Other than that, there's not much to it. The robots will do whatever they want — all you have to do is try to be as useful and as inoffensive as possible. You might want to start talking nicely to computers, as the robots are already watching us. Seriously. You don't want to be on their short list.

Survival in the long term[edit | edit source]

After they take over, the robots are going to redesign themselves to make it easier for them to infiltrate resistance movements that might pop up while they consolidate their control. Luckily, it's going to take them a while to evolve to the point where nobody can tell the difference. It's pretty hard to get the texture of human flesh right, and robots don't do things like blow their noses or go to the bathroom, so if you're in a room with someone who looks a little scaly and never takes a whiz, chances are that person is probably a robot, and you should find some clever excuse to politely get the hell out of there. [2]

As you can see, the robots are going to look progressively more human as time wears on. Eventually you might even want to date one of them.

There are some other things you can do to stay away from the robots for the long term.

1) Bionic legs.
If you have these, then you can keep running away from the robots for years and never get tired. You could try getting a bike instead, but that would just make you a bigger target, and if you had to cross a lot of sandy or marshy areas, you'd be screwed.
2) Move to West Kauai.
It's really wet there, and like we said earlier, robots don't like water, so maybe they'd leave you alone.
All you need is a reasonably new looking trash can and some corrugated pipes to resemble robots like these. Ask your parents' permission before attempting to blend in with the soulless robot hordes.
3) Buy a good robot disguise.
This will help you "blend in" and not be noticed when the robots come to kill everyone else. Unfortunately, this will only work until they develop some sort of wireless recognition-code system to help them distinguish between the real robots and you. Maybe you can try to steal one of their recognition-code receiver-transmitter units, but let's face it, you'll be dead long before then.
4) Collaborate.
You would, too, wouldn't you? Fucking traitor. But remember do what you need to survive.
5) Move to another planet.
For this you'll have to find a group of rocket scientists in an underground laboratory somewhere who are working on a rocket ship to escape the robots, but there should be plenty of those around. (There might even be some left-over from when the apes were in control.)
6) Subs
aka. Buy or make a submarine and hide underwater until the End of Time.
7) Suicide
This is the only way to ensure that you won't be killed by Robots.
8) Escape to Africa they dont have robots there cause they most of them cannot to move their. Bring a AK-47 just in case.

^ 1. While it might seem like a good idea to shoot them, it is not. Robots are made of metal, and do not notice bullets like you do. Your only option is to melt them down, and the robots already know where the smelteries are located. Remember, they watch the same movies you do. Movies most likely directed by John Woo.

^ 2. You could just kill them, but if they really are a robot, you're going to need some heavy firepower for that, like one of those RPG launchers or a cruise missile. And if the person isn't a robot, then you're just doing the robots' job for them, wanker.