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Yo boi, wut up. Y'all be down at tha crib we playaz like callin' "da' Unquotabullshit, an' you suckaz might notice it ain't costin' y'all shit. Dag, yo! Ain't no bitches givin' a shit 'bout tellin' wuz'all true here, word up. All jus' suckaz puttin' fake-ass shit in like it's said by some dead-ass famous lily-ass muhfucka. Fuck all, ain't 'dat da bomb! We got otha yammaz' lingoze here too but ain't no homies understandin' all'at. Fo' shizzle. Like 'dey even got yo some big-ol' ass Uncyc'yopedia thang, fully-strapped an' loaded an' ready to do some serious bidnezz, yo. Dazzum way strong fly shit. All y'all punk-ass bitches can even fuck up 'dis shit all y'want, 'dey even tellzya how. If y'all get yo ass bored an' shit, foolz even got a shit box for doin' whatevah y'all pleeze. 'Dey tellz ya go to tha set yo' ass up page but fuck that shit, bro. Ain't no way I givin' no broke-ass peace officaz fuck-all 'bout my personal affairz 'n' shit. Fuck 'dat. fuck u

It's All Random An' Shit
Chance doesn't mean meaningless randomness, but historical contingency. This happens rather than
that, and that's obviously why I keep getting arrested for public lewdness.

John Polkinghorne
Word up: Ain't no random shit like they sayin', dawg. Fact they probably usin' robots an' shit fo' puttin' this shit up. Ain't no mo' than, like, a dozen o' these muhfuckaz, so these bitches say otha-wize, y'all gotta cap they ass, yo?
Yo, No Shit Y'All   (jack it)  

Tha 'Hood

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Book of bullshit dawg - Po-Po 5-o bullshit - How to make a gang tag homie Help, nigga Hey Lauren, I enjoyed talking with you last night! You are so much fun! I hope you have a great weekend! I am shopping for your christmas present soon! Love, Randy

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Dumb white-ass muthafucka – 1337 – Smelly muthafuckas – Bullshit-English yo – Smelly, yay-pushing, beer drinking, hooker fuckin, green looting water niggas – Damn nazi thang – What the fuck

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