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Hi there! This is the Unquotable litterbox. This is where you can preview ideas, test new theories of wiki formatting, make a huge mess, and generally make a complete nuisance of yourself.

Please try to do it below this line, though. And leave our kitty alone; she's a little obsessive about pawing cat litter onto our carpet, in fact she will not stop, ever, but we huff like her anyway.

“I am a nOOb and I don't know how to quote, is there a specific template?”

~ Chuck Norris on Quoting for Dummies

"Fucking nOObs!!! They can't figure anything out by themselves. They have to whine about everything. Let 'em figure it out the hard way! "

~ Oscar Wilde
"Yeah! Don't tell them that a certain key combination they're bound to use while
navigating this site will cause World War III to begin in their own bedroom! Let it be a surprise, dammit!"

Vin Diesel on the Mass Exodus of Quotes Pages

“Ugh, I hate sand. Do you really expect me to pee in this? Where's the clumpable litter?”

~ Kitty on Unquotable:Litterbox

“Sometimes I wonder why I even LET you guys in here. Then you bring kitty kibble and the moment passes,(in both the metaphoric and the gastric sense)”

~ Kitty on Unquotable:Litterbox

“go huff a puppy

~ kitler on huffing

Lines win tbh