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Ultimate Fishing

Welcome to Ultimate Fishing, where we take a boring sport like fishing, and make it EXTREME! (half-naked babes not included) Once you catch 20 of the same fish, reset all the tallies and start over. The goal is to catch at least one of each fish. Just like Pokémon, you gotta catch 'em all! What? This doesn't keep track of your catches automatically? You've got to be kidding me, what's the freakin' point? Oh well, are you going to play or not? Carpe carp!

Here it is! Beautiful Crystal Lake! Click the water below when ready…
Fishing Simulator:

Click on the water above and try your luck.

This could be you! They guy, not the fish.

You can also put a fancy {{Fishing Award}} template on your userpage, or the mini {{Fishing}} userbox. Please don't cheat. If you do, grues will come to your house and invite you to the chopping block ceremony.

Record holders[edit | edit source]

File:Bush on Vacation.JPG
George W. Bush caught a Mecha Mahi playing Ultimate Fishing. Have you?
UsernameUltimate catch
JJPMasterDelicious Bass 11'03" long
SimsilikesimsRock lobster weighing in at 309.2 lbs.
Zana DarkFish Within A Fish Within A Fish Within A Fish Within Another Fish
<insert name here> Your top catch goes here...
Special thanks to RandomDie for the idea.

To keep track of your catches, just copy and paste the code {{subst: UnGames:Ultimate Fishing/}} somewhere in your userspace!