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The 20th Century brought many horrors onto the world including two world wars, accountants, Hitler, and the Cheeky Girls. Because people got used to these horrors they wanted more violent and adrenline pumping pastimes. Therefore the need for extreme games emerged. The most popular of the extreme games are Extreme Hide and Seek, Extreme Ironing, Extreme Stamp Licking, and (most of all) Extreme Jenga, which is the subject of this article you are reading.

“Extreme Jenga! Last man standing wins.”

~ The Guide
The Guide, after both parties got pissed off at his enthusiasm.

Rules and Variations[edit]

First Impressions[edit]

Unlike regular Jenga, Extreme Jenga is normally played using giant concrete blocks being manipulated by cranes carrying giant stone slabs in the shape of tissue boxes. Of course, crane and player damage is imminent- The game ends if one person lives or the Jenga tower falls. Otherwise, the game plays the same. Even though that all the variants are different, they contain the fundamental values present in all extreme sports:

  • The stakes are higher. Significantly higher.
  • People will die in some way.
  • You will see the regular subject in a new light.

Palladium Columns: 2nd Time's the Charm[edit]

In this variation of Extreme Jenga, the players are sent to another universe, in another world to manipulate giant columns made out of solid palladium[1]. This time, you're not using giant cranes with tissue-box shaped stone slabs. You're going to push the columns yourself, but this universe gives you super strength. Either way, this variation of Extreme Jenga shall prove to be very, very deadly.

Jenga ON WHEELS![edit]

Let's make things interesting. This time, you and your friends are playing on top of a speeding car! Good luck!

Jenga BOOM![edit]


Unlike that weak stuff for children, real dynamite will be used. Real people will die. Unlike the last two variants, the pieces are normal sized. Sudden Death is activated once 4 players are left in a session.

Stoned Jenga[edit]

Plays the same as the original, with the exception of all players being high. Use whatever you want, like kittens. If a player OD's and/or dies, he is eliminated from the game. Feel free to mix the variants for more chaos and disarray![2]


If you don't feel comfortable using cranes and giant pieces, then play on top of a skyscraper! We've seen people climb skyscrapers and take pictures of their exploits afterwards, but they haven't played Jenga on top of them. Yet. For further reading, see Crapping in a bucket from a very high building.

Jenga IN SPACE![edit]

The most expensive of the variants, therefore it's one of the most fun of its kind.

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  1. [1], Any other metal can be substituted for this version.
  2. Except Palladium Columns.