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  1. UnNews:Celtic F.C. sign youth player in transfer mix up - Symbol for vote.svg Featured
  2. UnNews:'Radicalisation risk' at six Christian private schools, says Ofsted
  3. UnNews:Nude photos of celebrities leaked
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  5. UnNews:Thursday is a dirty whore - Symbol for vote.svg Featured
  6. Katy Perry hit generator - (With Leverage) - Symbol for vote.svg Featured
  7. Unquotable:Nostradamus‎ - Requested
  8. My First Dildo - (With Uncyclopedia4President666 and Leverage)
  9. UnNews:Iranian headcheese reveals family recipe for brownies - Requested
  10. UnNews:French caliph reveals shocking truth about wife - Requested
  11. UnScripts:The Treaty of Minaj-Black - Symbol for vote.svg Featured
  12. UnNews:Nipple parade cancelled - Kerr doesn't get letter
  13. UnNews:World saved by Fergie Time
  14. UnNews:Xbox losing battle of the consoles
  15. UnNews:Bale kills Bale in Bale with bale; gets bail - Symbol for vote.svg Featured
  16. HowTo:Control Men
  17. UnNews:Boring shit happens
  18. UnNews:After 598 years, Catholic Church admits wrongdoings
  19. UnNews:Harry gets Hogwarts letter - Symbol for vote.svg Featured
  20. UnPoetia:Unwanted
  21. UnNews:Ed Balls day takes over the world
  22. UnNews:Cash sandwich invented
  23. UnPoetia:Cold Love
  24. UnNews:Thief returns daughter with an apology letter - and dessert coupon
  25. UnNews:Syrup thieves caught - Symbol for vote.svg Featured
  26. A priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into a bar - Requested
  27. UnNews:Interview with You
  28. UnNews:Boris Johnson responds to "Faggot" insult
  29. UnNews:Pickpocket steals phone with chopsticks
  30. UnNews:Man blames zombies for car crash
  31. UnNews:Son kills father in Japan
  32. UnNews:Policewoman claims £1.5million for being hit with pineapple
  33. UnNews:Sheep saves David Cameron from drowning by wading into muddy swamp
  34. UnNews:Stilton under threat
  35. UnNews:British prisoners enjoying 'cushy' life - Requested
  36. UnReviews:The Crimean War - Symbol for vote.svg Featured
  37. Latvia - Requested
  38. UnNews:Man has sex because of banana
  39. UnNews:23,000 police officers are actually ice-cream salesmen - Fries.png Quasi-Featured
  40. UnNews:Man uses potatoes to test wi-fi
  41. UnNews:Ballet sparks new Egypt unrest
  42. UnNews:Elephant beaten to death with grandmother - Symbol for vote.svg Featured

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