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Before enjoying success with I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It, Katy released a number of songs including I Licked a Goose and I Liked It.

The Katy Perry Hit Generator is a piece of software invented by nefarious scientist-cum-pop starlet Katy Perry. Perry created the tool in 2008 to assign lyrics with just the right amount of titillation to her instrumental track "Salacious Dirge in E Minor".

Perry's design involved creating the basic template of a song with certain elements, such as verbs and nouns, which could be varied. These varying versions were then played to test panels of both impressionable teenage girls and parents.

The chorus line of the song followed the carefully planned formula:

I + [past form of sexual verb] + [a person or creature] + and I liked it.

In 2010, Perry said her aim had been "to be vile enough to make parents tut, but not so saucy as to make them get off their asses and complain."

This page provides a freeware version of the generator. Refresh the page to create new variants of Perry's 2008 hit:

I rainbow kissed a nun and I liked it

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