UnPoetia:Cold Love

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Unpoetia logo.jpg Poetry for people who hate poetry
As I lay back in my chair
The wind sweeping through my hair
My hand was being stroked ever so softly
By my one and only, the gracious Frosty
His hands were so deliciously smooth
Just like that time in the phone booth
Unfortunately he was caught
And he was taken to court
They told him "Rape is bad"
He was sad
And then he got seven years in prison
He served his time and came out
I took him back without a doubt
We soon got back down to business
But then he said "I have a mistress"
This stopped the pleasure of being bummed
I turned around, for I was truly stunned
He looked around and then pulled out
"It's not you, or me, it's this little girl scout"
I grimaced and started to laugh
Then I took out my axe and chopped his dick in half.