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Fellow Uncyclopedians, I am writing this in deep disappointment as I have found the community quite pleasant and quite enjoyable but alas, it has come to this. I have thought long and hard about and well, I'm leaving Uncyclopedia.

I've been an outcast here ever since day 1; while I do find the site's goal of providing valuable comedic material in a collaborative interesting and unique, a funny switch seems to have been hit. I'm reading the articles and while I'm praising them for the writing and posture of it, I rarely find myself laughing at them. I don't know if it's my lack of understanding for comedy or whether or not I have radically different tastes for comedy. (I didn't grew up around the prime days of comedy) but I don't feel in place if I can't laugh at the articles here. Additionally, I can't mesh in with the internet nature of this site. I'm not the guy who finds kittens or impact font to be particularly funny, nor do I have a massive porn collection. I know that there are some users who are able to fit in without exactly showing this kind of nature (Simsilikesims for example) but I can't seem to make myself fit in and in order to truly become a fixture of this place, I have to fit in.

Additionally, I've been checking Special:RecentChanges more than I have read books or read other articles and that represents a major problem. I can't seem to advance myself here; in order to advance myself I need a thorough understanding of comedy and writing composition in order to create articles that are truly funny, don't drag for long amounts of time, don't have awkward grammar mistakes and most of all, appeal to a wide range of audiences. While it's true there have been some simple and single sentence articles in the history of this website and while I admire the unique kinds of humor (such as a punchline or an absurdist or just plain silly view) they offer; many of Uncyclopedia's best articles have been noted unique examples in comedy with misdirection, subtly and just plain obviousness as well as small amounts of parody; sometimes even thousands of words long. Even these best articles have a concept and an idea to them that make them stand out from the thousands of comedy articles. I would need to watch and read hours and hours of comedy in order to be an Uncyclopedian, something I can't do.

I've been writing TV/Music/Movie reviews and producing music on the side and I've come to a realization that I'm more talented and interested in those things than I am in doing Uncyclopedia related tasks; I can take a subject and dissect it into a thousand little pieces or I can take a sample no one has ever thought to use and make it into a unique musical piece and the best part is that it's able to appeal to nearly anybody; Uncyclopedia articles can only really influence a small number of people but music, music is able to inspire people to change and better their lives and could even inspire people to look at a new perspective in music and design their own genres and their own sound; and reviews well reviews are there to essentially help people what to watch and what to not watch while at the same time serving as examples of writing masterpieces. To me there are thousands of TV shows and Movies I can review while there are limited subjects to write on for Uncyclopedia. I feel like both of those things are the future for me and I can't split my time between these things and Uncyclopedia, not when there's potential abound.

In closing. I'd like to thank Kip the Dip, Frosty, RAHB, Zombiebaron and IFYMB! for being such wonderful members and I hope they're able to carry on and make Uncyclopedia into the place it's supposed to be. A popular resource of comedy and satire just waiting for the average internet viewer.

Thanks again, and I hearby rescind my Noob of the Moment Award.
~Sincerly, RedHot.