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“In traditional verse, you have two televisions in your house; in multiverse, you have two houses in your television.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Multiversal Poetry

“this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me”

~ Quinn Mallory on opening his first wormhole into the multiverse using eminem-theory

The multiverse (or meta-universe) is a method of verse set in iambic pentameter. Any given multiverse is expected to be infinititely long and complex; thus it contains everything, including infinite numbers of yourself. Many multiversal poems have been composed by the famous neo-abolutionist Robert Prometheus Dylan. His concatenation of string theory of guitar, as well as many of his numerous multiverses, have been nominated for the European Cup. Composing a multiverse is generally considered a good project for middle-school science fairs; in fact, according to St. Stephen Hawking of Hamptonshire, our universe is a grade-three science fair project.

Multiverse: an Overview[edit | edit source]

Naturally, every child must look to the star filled sky and wonder why the universe is expanding so rapidly. One theory, the theory of the Multiverse, suggests that this universe must be expanding due to the systematic transformation of dark energy from one part of the Multiverse to another. The multiverse itself, while infinite on many levels, is not an entirely closed system; inversely, the multiverse itself is experiencing entropic effects similar to the universes expanding and cooling.

One of the most difficult aspects of the multiverse to understand is that it is a system of greater and lesser infinities working in proportion to one another. The main power source of the multiverse is perhaps the most difficult part of the multiverse to understand because it relies upon the division of an infinite power source across an infinite number of universes. One of the key elements of the multiverse is that; although the power supply seems unlimited, only finite amounts of energy can be distributed per finite areas of dimensional space and time. Essentially, that means as every universe in the multiverse expands and cools, the energy supply will eventually be too little per dimensional space and time that the laws of physics will deteriorate and the entire multiverse will phase out of existence.

Multiverse: from the outside[edit | edit source]

Looking at the multiverse from the outside, it appears infinitely interconnected, and also blue. The shape is more of an abstract proportion of infinities; however, when you look at various finite portions of it, it looks more like a tree covered in burning squirrels. Many of the universes within a multiverse are subject to different physical laws, dimensional attributes, fundamental limitations, rules for playing billiards, etc. Some of them have evil versions of you and everyone you know, and they all have beards. Even your girlfriend. Some universes contain a non-wussified version of France, shockingly enough. Some universes contain no particles at all and are made entirely out of the most fundamental essence of the gigantiverse, delicious meaty chunks of energy in syrup solution. Yum yum! But surprisingly enough, no universes contain a weak version of Chuck Norris, only badass and roundhouse kick versions of Norris exist. This has lead many physicists to theorize that Norris may in fact be the cornerstone of all existence.

Multiverse: the original Universe[edit | edit source]

It is known by only a few left alive that the multiverse originates from one universe. That one universe is called the universe of the death because it has been abandoned and everything that is left there is death. Out of the original universe split 3000 more. After the "Great War of the Originals" (referring to the original inhabitants of the universe), the most powerful being split it up. It is generaly believed to have been the ancestor of Alamanskara Guru.

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