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The Wehrmacht were supposedly waging war to save Earth from utter destruction at the hands of an evil cybernetic alien race, or so Holocaust denial denial denial deniers say.
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Holocaust denial denial denial denial is the belief in the non-existence of holocaust denial denial denial, claiming that little or no evidence of merit has been produced concerning the existence of these so-called "wild and ridiculous lies stipulating the existence of a holocaust denial denial denial." James Sutcliffe, the president and founding member of the Holocaust Denial Denial Denial Society has noted, "While I acknowledge the existence of the Holocaust denial denial denial denial society, and the ideas surrounding the original Holocaust denial, I do not accept that I do not exist. I am clearly here, or I wouldn't be, do you see?" Many leading existentialist philosophers (including the really good dead ones) have been roped in to discuss the existence of James Sutcliffe, however they have, as usual, failed to reach an answer, or to have helped the situation in any way. In the end Sartre called Heidegger a twit, and Kierkegaard sat looking angst(ish).

Claims & Evidence[edit]

Holocaust denial does not focus its claims on specific details regarding whether or not the Holocaust did or did not happen, but asserts the unpopular idea that "Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party were encouraged and in some cases, brainwashed by cybernetic aliens from the very distant Galaxy AM 0644-741 to exterminate certain minority groups in order to save the planet Earth from destruction at the hands of the alien race's goddess, Gulackta." Critics argue that this is extremely unlikely for the reasons that cybernetic aliens would presumably work under a collective and thus doom their own planet for attempting to save ours, and because the extermination of other existent minority groups outside of Europe was not particularly emphasized (especially since Germany sided with Imperial Japan).

Holocaust denial denial denial deniers argue that unlike Holocaust denial denial deniers and other skeptics, there is an abundant amount of evidence to back up their claims. Indeed, many concentration camps have been found throughout Europe since the end of World War II. Conditions at these camps have been found to be completely inhospitable, providing evidence that their purpose was the systematic extermination of all people held there. Often mass graves have also been excavated near the sites, demonstrating that what took place was a genocide.

Additionally, the Nazis' efforts into designing advanced rocketry, such as the groundbreaking V2 rocket, and their developmental space program serves as more evidence (or so they argue) that the Nazis were seeking a way to, as one professor and advocate put it, "go to space and communicate with the aliens further." Holocaust denial denial denial deniers suggest that because of these circumstances and due to their motives to save Earth, the Nazis' actions to whatever extent they may have been, were entirely justified.

Public opinion[edit]

In a public survey, it was found that 2% of Americans do believe in the existence of holocaust denial denial denial, and in James Sutcliffe. Less than 1% were found to support the theories of Holocaust denial denial denial denial, and that 97% of people thought that it was just plain stupid. One person went so far as to say "What the fuck is wrong with these people, do they even have jobs?" When questioned about their current occupations, the promoters of holocaust denial related societies said that they were spending their time finding the truth about something that happened 60 years ago. So no, none of them have jobs and help to contribute nothing to modern society; their only concern being what might have happened 60 years ago.