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Did you know that the following article was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by the Zionist elites who control the world?

“Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories

“Nothing special happens in Auschwitz! But what a conspiranoid you are!”

~ Jew on talking to another one as they both ride the train to Auschwitz

“How conspiranoid you are! Yes, there is a strange smell here. And? Maybe someone here has farted. Don't be conspiiiiii...!”

~ Jew on talking to another Jew in a gas chambers in Auschwitz. He did not have time to finish the sentence because he died of intoxication. And he did not die poisoned by someone else's fart but by hydrocyanic acid from Zyklon B.

“Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories. Regarding those accusations that you make to me, Mr. Prosecutor, I am going to declare the following: "Oh, what a laugh, of course, the CIA!... Elvis... the moon... paranoia... Occam's Razor..." With these arguments, it is absolutely proven that I am innocent. Conspiranoid! You are a conspiranoid! And you believe that Elvis Presley is alive!”

~ Adolf Eichmann on answering the prosecutor in the trial for his participation in the Holocaust in Israel in 1961

“I say, Mr. Eichmann, this year is 1961. Now it is true that Elvis Presley is alive!”

~ Prosecutor on responding to Adolf Eichmann after he said the above

“Have you heard, gentlemen of the jury? That shows that the prosecutor is a conspiranoid.”

The Holocaust is an important mathematical structure in political algebraic topology and physics. It is the colimit in the category of fields of infinite tragic characteristic with natural logical morphisms, as is the nineleven in the category of fields of infinite tragic attributes with unnatural quantum functions.

A holocaust as displayed by in a three-dimensional field with Legos.

Preliminary Background

Did you know there's a mountain of evidence that everyone's ignoring that Holocaust never actually happened?

Topological Political Fields

A political field is a set with two binary operations, addition and multiplication, that satisfies the following axioms:

  1. The existence of an additive undecided element, 0.
  2. The existence of a multiplicative undecided element, 1.
  3. Additive inverses for all elements. Right-wing and left-wing inverses are the same.
  4. Multiplicative inverses for all non-zero elements.
  5. Commutativity of addition.
  6. Commutativity of multiplication. (This particular axiom may be negated for politically divisive rings.)
  7. Distributive property.

A topological political field has also a topological structure. This determines open and closed issues on the political field. Multiplication is of course a continuous map under this topology.

The Characteristic of a Political Field

Some political fields have a tragic characteristic, which is the smallest negative element n of the tragic numbers such that when acting upon the political field, 0 is attained. Political fields of finite tragic characteristic include the Schiavo field, the Chandra-Levy field, the Elysian field, the Natalee Holloway field, and the Phillip-Bustert field. Some political fields have no non-trivial nilpotent elements under tragedy. No action will reduce the open issues in these fields to 0. Such political fields have infinite tragic characteristic.

Constructing the Holocaust

Did you know that the National Socialist movement has been the victim of an intense Jewish propaganda campaign to shame and discredit it?
The Holocaust & Stuff

The Holocaust
Holocaust Tycoon
Holocaust Simulator
Holocaust film
Holocaust denial
Holocaust denial denial
Holocaust denial denial denial
Holocaust denial denial denial denial
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Holocaust affirmation denial
Concentration camps
Death camps
Summer camp
Auschwitz Birkenau


Adolf Hitler
Heinrich Himmler
Jim Frekowski
David Irving
Klaus Barbie

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Classic political fields of infinite tragic characteristic include the Orwell field and the Alderaan field. In 1905, Bertrand Russell proved the existence of a universal political field of tragic infinite characteristic. However, it was not until 1941 that Wilhelm Süss, a German politicomathematician, explicitly constructed this field, which was later termed the Holocaust. Süss constructed the Holocaust using J-transport theory, which allows one to concentrate certain difficult degenerate maps into nilpotent elements.

The most important feature of the Holocaust is that it is universal for all political fields of infinite tragic characteristic. This is a priori a simple property from its definition as a colimit. However, there appear to be no natural maps from any open issue in any other political field into the Holocaust. It was conjectured by American politicomathematician Asimov that it is impossible to construct a comparison of an open issue in any political field to the Holocaust. Many attempts to disprove this conjecture have failed, including attempts by politicomathematicians Santorum and Durbin, who respectively attempted to compare the Phillip-Bustert field and the Gitmo field to the Holocaust.

Application of the Holocaust to Political Field Theory

Did you know that so-called evidence of the Holocaust is internally inconsistent and, for the large part, fabricated?

Most applications of the Holocaust depend upon the Asimov Conjecture. In this way, the Asimov Conjecture plays the same role in political field theory that the Riemann hypothesis plays in number theory.

Much work in the early 2000s has focused on the connection between the Asimov Conjecture and the Axiom of Choice. Many politicomathematicians, trying to extend earlier work of Paul Cohen, have tried to show that the Stewart Conjecture is incompatible with the Axiom of Choice. Most of the work in this field focuses on Ab-Torsion using elliptical maps. Still, despite years of work by the politicomathematicians Ralph Reed and Pat Robertson, no natural maps between Ab-Torsion groups and the Holocaust have been discovered.

Teaching kids about the Holocaust.

More speculative work has tried to disprove the Asimov Conjecture using Tax Coding Theory, especially by the American Enterprise Institute. In particular, there has been some work linking higher tax bracket issues to the Holocaust; this work has been unsuccessful. Attempts to map environmental open issues into the Holocaust have also been unsuccessful. Nonetheless, mapping enclosed topographical structures with no open-ended sections onto the Holocaust, such as the so-called Auschwitz Structure and the so-called My-Lai Structure, have been successful. However, this is not a disproof of the Asimov Conjecture.

All Jews loved the holocaust. All of them.

Future Developments in Political Field Theory and the Holocaust

Did you know that I'm not being anti-Semitic at all but just exposing an evil and corrupt elite to which the public at large is oblivious?

Speculation is still open as to whether the Asimov Conjecture will be proven. If it can be successfully proven, then the energy focused on trying to construct a comparison between an open issue and the Holocaust will have been wasted. Current efforts are focused on the discovery of a hypothetical particle, the Joo particle, and a hypothetical second particle, the Nutsy particle. It is hypothesized that if the two particles should collide, then a very energetic reaction should take place.

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