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Holocaust denal denial denial is the belief that Holocaust denial denial misrepresents the events of the Holocaust, and that the true extent of the atrocities committed during and leading up to World War II against minority groups in Europe by the Third Reich is much less far-reaching than most Holocaust denial deniers recognize. Furthermore, Holocaust denial denial deniers suggest that Holocaust denial denial is a crock of shit.

Claims[edit | edit source]

Rather than claiming that the Holocaust did or did not happen, Holocaust denial denial denial holds that the commonly accepted idea that "Jews were killed in Nazi concentration camps" misrepresents the actual events of the Holocaust, and that it was in fact 5 million gentiles killed in Jewish-run concentration camps. Also prominent is the belief that Jews have deliberately practiced historical revisionism to cover up the true events and/or redirect blame for their crimes to the victims, creating sympathy for their cause. In addition, belief that Jews had always intended to frame the German government for their crimes even from before the war is common, but not universal among Holocaust denial denial deniers. Some renounce the last claim and assert that it was simply a move made when the opportunity accidentally presented itself.

Holocaust denial denial deniers generally believe that the Holocaust was orchestrated by the Jews for the purpose of restricting living space in the promised land to only the chosen people.

This goes hand in hand with the belief that somewhat ironically, after successfully convincing the world that they were the victims of the Holocaust, the Jewish people were given a sovereign state in the very promised land they had tried to use Germany to conquer. The genius of the Jews' plan, Holocaust denial denial deniers believe, was that despite suffering massive loss during World War II, they still successfully attained their goal.

Evidence[edit | edit source]

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Holocaust denial denial deniers argue that unlike Holocaust denial deniers, there is an abundant amount of evidence to back up their claims. Indeed, many concentration camps have been found throughout Europe since the end of World War II. Conditions at these camps have been found to be completely inhospitable, providing evidence that their purpose was the systematic extermination of all people held there. Often mass graves have also been excavated near the sites, demonstrating that what took place was a genocide.

Historical records written in poor German dialect, Holocaust denial denial deniers claim, is evidence of the Jew's incompetence in the German language[1] and their botched attempt at blaming the German government.

Testimonies of Schutzstaffel officers being tried for crimes against humanity for their involvement in the Holocaust ranged from, "What are you talking about?" to, "That's horrible. We wouldn't do anything like that." Almost all of them claimed that the accusations were unfounded, but the courts were deceived by their sympathy for the Jews.

Laws prohibiting Holocaust denial denial denial[edit | edit source]

Currently, Israel is the only nation with a formal law prohibiting the practice, and public Holocaust denial denial denial carries a 5-year minimum prison sentence. The law was first implemented in 1758 and was renewed in 1949 & 1969 and 1989.

Criticism[edit | edit source]

Main article: Holocaust denial denial denial denial

Holocaust denial denial denial, some argue, is an attempt by modern Nazis or Nazi sympathizers to reverse the ideas of the Holocaust while still holding to some beliefs of the Holocaust denial, and in some cases, expanding on them.

Another theory is that the Jews created the idea of Holocaust denial denial denial as sort of a reverse psychology mechanism. Many have claimed that Holocaust denial denial denial doesn't make any sense. Of course, this is true to those who believe in the "facts" they are fed regarding the Holocaust; these individuals have flawed perspectives, and this is what the Jews utilize. In layman's terms, the Jews created the idea of Holocaust denial denial denial to further solidify most of the public's ideas about the Holocaust.

Some claim that Holocaust denial denial denial is a disinformation denial program run by agents of the Holocaust denial deniers, who deny that such a counter-denial program exists. Others note that if this were true it would be false, and so must be another example of what they want you to think, but it is claimed that those who say that lie. Or so they say. Send $14.99 for the DVD and make up your own mind.

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  1. Due to their Untermensch status, making them incapable of learning more than one language.