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According to Holocaust affirmation denial, these people exist

Holocaust affirmation denial is the denial that there are people who think the Holocaust happened. This is an upgrade from Holocaust denial because they truly think it is accepted fact that there never was a Holocaust. This is different than not knowing about the Holocaust because the know about the Holocaust. They just believe it is a story told to bad behaving Jewish children to keep them in check, and is understood to be such by the adults.

History[edit | edit source]

Holocaust affirmation denial started in 1978 when two guys (Steve and Billiam) honestly thought the Holocaust was a bedtime story. Eventually they were able to market the story of the Holocaust as a kid's book. Here is an exert from "The Grand Tale of the Burning Jews:

They eventually were murdered by the local Jew office but this did not stop their unshakable faith in Holocaust affirmation denial. Billiam H. Besus was appointed mascot of the fight against those do believe in Holocaust denial.

Recent Wars[edit | edit source]

Today Holocaust affirmation denialists or (HADs) commit Jihad against those do don't believe the Holocaust but believe that holocaust affirmation exists. They are also enemies of Holocaust denial denial because they don't believe in the people that HADs fight each and every day. Holocaust affirmation denialists are denial of whether or not they should become deniers of Holocaust deniers deniers or not but have remained neutral on the issue at the current moment.

Other Beliefs[edit | edit source]

Holocaust affirmation deniers are of the belief there are there is no one who denies their existence. To literally they have Holocaust affirmation denial denial denial at the same time.