West Berlin

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Worse Berlin
Berlin Was a Mistake
West Berlin
National flag Coat of Legs
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: '"Ah fuck"'
Anthem: "The Gestapo Is Back!"
Capital Half of a Berlin
National Hero(es) Adolf Hitler, The Liberator
Currency Hyperinflated Reichsmarks
Religion Scientology
Major exports Immigrants
Major imports Bread Crumbs

West Berlin (German: Worse Berlin or Berlin-Worse) was a small bit of Bourgeoisie territory surrounded by the far-superior Commielands and was a major political battlefield in the Hot War. It was more comparable politically and economically to West Doucheland, where the Swine live and the westerners had started considering it a 'pit of hell' surrounded by heaven itself. East Berlin was also far superior economically and technologically, as West Berlin was a Sea of Ghettos and Slums. It was reported to be a constant victim of crime such as: Robbery, Rape, Racketeering, Raiding, Ransoms, and worst of all People with no sense of humor.

How it came to be[edit]

After Germany got dissected by an inadequate doctor known as the allies, it ended up with an ugly blemish which was occupied by Donuts, Baguettes and Tea. Vodka was also part of the deal but it was special so it got it's own thing. Eventually the inferior nom-noms decided they were sick of living inside of the corpse of Germany so they left Worse-Berlin to its own devices. Worse-Berlin was meant to be a temporary problem but temporary is another word for 50 years to the allies.

The Wall[edit]

After the Soviets got sick of the Mexicans Westerners they built a wall on orders by Nicky. The wall was great and would make Trump's mouth water. The wall was beautiful, and some say it is the only man-made object visible from space. The Westerners were trapped, wallowing in the solitude of a failing economic system until the generous Commies saved them after the collapse of the USA in 1991. Later, the Chinese apologized to the East Germans for trying to copy them. One professor said it was far superior to the Chinese attempt as, "According to Soviet statistics, not a single Mongol invader was able to cross the Berlin wall." [1]

Public Opinion[edit]

“The Bin of West Berlin, it's like living in a pot of nitroglycerin. It's filled with trash, the people inside, those who are out of time, those capitalist swine. West Berlin was a mistake, as stakes are where witches go, but inside West Berlin there be no bitches or hoes. This poem has gone on for too long, it might have been better as a song. But alas, it has class, so go on it must. The two Berlins were peas in a pod but West was a crusty old sod. Wars are to cold as dust is to mold and that is where we shall end.”


  1. "Wallologist says that mongols can't get through Berlin unscathed" NY Times 9/11/01

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