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The Åland Island's' Is a theoretical landmass that could or once did exist inbetween Sweden and Finland. Another theory is that Åland is a magical rainbow land that only shows up every time a special lovecraftian blood transfusion is performed.

History[edit | edit source]

Said to be founded ca 1700 by revolting Swedes, angered by the creation of The SweDISH Meatball. After the minority group known as vegans found out about the Meatball they fled the country, in the process taking with them every single meatball in existence. Those meatballs were then gathered up and placed on the ocean floor, eventually gaining enough mass to become several island. Unfortunately meatballs tend to float so it may have migrated closer to France in recent years. More recent studies have actually pointed to evidence that Åland is actually Atlantis because noone can conclusively tell where it is. Before it possibly maybe sank however it was possible that it possibly functioned as a possible naval base for Nazis coming from the moon after 1945. Evidence shows that Åland traveled from Germany to Sweden and then to Estonia. This process repeated for several years and was thus given the nickname of "The Meat Cycle" It is unknown why the vegans sided with Hitler but most people agree it is because he himself was occasionally a vegan.

Today[edit | edit source]

Hatred for Meatballs[edit | edit source]