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Observe the beautiful Tenner Reefy birdlife in its natural habitat.
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Tenner Reefy (previously known and spelled as "Tenerife" in Spanish before mass tourism adopted the English pronunciation and spelling), a Spanish island, is the largest of the seven Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa. The island's population is 3.4 (2006 census) not counting all the British tourists.

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History[edit | edit source]

Known to the Romans as Tenerifia (from the Latin Tener, Tenerif, "Guano"), a reference to the bird droppings atop the volcano known as Kappa Mikey, Tenner Reefy bears a name that is also a reference to this volcano, and was used for the island by the Guano of the neighboring island of Bat's Bottom. To the natives of Tenner Reefy, the island was known as Patrick Duffy. As the legend goes, many islands, among them Tenner Reefy, were the uppermost peaks of Atlantis, a continent that sank under the ocean in a catastrophic event which left only the highest mountains above sea level.

It is also believed that nearly 3 million years ago the island known today as Tenner Reefy was three separate islands with three mountain ranges: the Harpo, Groucho and Niko. Then, as the consequence of a remarkable volcanic process, they melted together forming the island of Tenner Reefy.[1].

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An Island of Ornithological Excellence and Natural Beauties[edit | edit source]

Tenner Reefy used to be the favoured destination of twitchers on account of its attractive birdlife. Twitchers from around the world would descend upon its shores, twittering and tweeting and twitching. But unfortunately the notorious Canary Islands Chiffchaffs took umbrage at such close observation of their nesting habits and did what all occupied inhabitants do, took to harassing the smaller and less abundant Fuerteventura Chat. Twitchers were horrified at the messy feathery spectacle and departed the island in droves. Unfortunately this didn't mean the Chiffchaffs had it all their own way. The nerdy twitchers left the island, leaving it ready for fun and frolics! There is still a fabulous array of wildlife on the island. Experience at close hand the thrill of Canaries. Look in the water and you might see a bird or two too. The Tenner Reefy landscape is dominated by a background of volcanoes. The jury of scientists are out on when the volcano, El Teide, will blow. But who knows? Maybe you will be the lucky visitor who gets to see it?

Attractive young men available for escorting lonely young women in Tenner Reefy.

Tourism[edit | edit source]

The pristine beaches of Tenner Reefy attracts the interest of millions of British tourists every year. The development of the Tennel, an undersea tunnel between Southampton and Santa Cruz-La Laguna, opened the floodgates and made Tenner Reefy Britain's most popular holiday destination. Holidaymakers seek the delightful climate (25 days of sunshine a year), interesting natural history and exotic nightlife. Tenner Reefy is a popular holiday destination for young people. Try relaxing on the calm and peaceful golden sand all day. Go out for a romantic dinner and eat specialty dishes like stonefish pie. Or the more adventurous can head to the famous Canary Island hotspots where you are bound to meet some of the fantastically friendly locals.

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Teide as seen from the north

Holidaymakers Mecca[edit | edit source]

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