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The Pitcairn Islands are an overseas territory owned by the Brits. They are located in Oceania, as part of the Indo-African Archipelago (near Krakatoa, East of Java). Pitcairn consists of four islands, three of which are uninhabited and on one of which 58 people reside. The islands' only city, and also their capital, is Adamstown.

The sun has never shined on Pitcairn. This means that the sun has gone down on the British Empire, where both the exact minute and exact place (hilltop) exists somewhere within either human or geological history.

History[edit | edit source]

The Pitcairns were most noted for being the islands where the crew of the Bounty thrived after throwing off the shackles of Bligh's hellish ship. The community grew substantially, with the Tahitans and Englishmen getting along well. Few outsiders have joined the island paradise but the population has swelled to 4,400 (and two government officials who make sure everything is running smoothly and that there are no more mutinies).

In the late 1800s, missionaries visited the islands preaching Zoroastrianism. Most of the islanders initially took to the religion, those who didn't were burned, as is the Zoroastrian custom. About 200 people were killed in the 'purgings'. Nowadays the religious zeal is as strong as ever and is the greatest stronghold of Zoroastrians after Iran and California.

In 1923, the British decided to claim the islands as their own since their ancestors made up most of the population. Tahiti, however, had already made claims to the island. The Tahiti-Pitcairn Wars followed, as a series of skirmishes and naval battles over a two year period, ending, finally as a victory for the British. No lives were lost on either side, except for one British soldier who wandered off a cliff, drunk.

In 1959, the islands were becoming so overcrowded that forced removals were necessary. Skyscrapers were being erected as housing units and little vegetation remained. 500 islanders were removed to a new colony of Easter Island. The Easter Island colonists discovered that the island was already inhabited by fearsome stone heads, many of whom would eat the would-be colonists before they fled and departed for safer islands. They reached Hawaii, and becoming the first non-natives/non-'ethnic people' their presence allowed for the United States to finally claim the island chain as a state. Talks in 2015 as to whether another removal should take place are being raised.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Pitcairn maintains one of the highest standards of living in the world. Through governmental loopholes, the island has claimed that it need not pay taxes, pay homage, or pay money for goods. As such, anything a Pitcairn Islander wants they are allowed to have, free of charge, from anywhere in the world. Many outsiders have wanted to live on the island for this purpose (as well as the fantastic Internet rates, and utilities in general), but so far only a select few inhabitants from the outside world have been allowed. All must take a "Treason Test" to prove sufficient disloyalty to their home country before accepted.

The culture is rigidly defined by the inhabitant's Zoroastrianism; for example, meat and milk are never to be mixed, and on Thursdays everyone must talk backwards. Tourism to the island is easy, as the main island has a small airstrip and hangar for planes coming from Tahiti, Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia. (But not Malaysia. The Pitcairners have no tolerance for such people.) Most of the tourism is done in the form of rare technologies and cutting-edge tools or designs. The Pitcairners are extremely tech-savvy and have developed the islands into a technological wonderland, most of the tourism to the island is for this very purpose, to see the wonders of science, computing and engineering in harmony on the formerly tropical isles.

Population[edit | edit source]

The reason for the decline of the population has been proven. It has been proven that no disposals or garbage cans, so the entire place smelled shit. Everybody left to the nearby country, Easter Island. However, Easter Island was also abandoned as nobody could put any buildings anywhere because of the heads all over place. One dumbass tried placing a building on top of the head, and fell into the water.

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