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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Total Drama Island?
The logo
The 20 contestants in the intro

Battle For Dream Island (Also known as Total Drama Inanimates and This Is My Show) is an animated web series created by two then-teenage oriental twins less fortunate than you. Spawned during New Years Day of the 21st century's second decade, the show follows a Total Drama Island-like reality show consisting of anthropomorphic inanimate objects fighting for an island that even George Bush would vacate to in boredom. All characters (except for the host) are voiced by the creators of this show with a vocal distinction range of 7 distinct voices to choose from.

The show itself has received positive feedback. Some worship the animation, the writing, or some like to thank it for introducing them to Kevin McCallisterMacLeod's Royalty-Free music.

Fun Fact: Despite the series having millions of views and ruining the art styles of every web animator that ever watches it on the 'net, the top minds at Wikipedia won't allow you to make an article on it because no news website has reported on it yet, so much that they had to make an essay about it.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Announcer, which was the predecessor to the Playstation 3

20 sort of cliché contestants compete in a reality show hosted by the Announcer, a gray speaker box with an AT&T voice box who gives out pretty uncreative and sometimes ludicrous challenges for the innocent objects. The titular island, a whole square mile of nothing but basic luxury that even you could take your child to, is called "Dream Island."

Of course, we need conflict. The result? They try to make "character arcs" that are really 2-3 conversations that don't affect the future. The occasional reference to a past episode is all you'll get of the episodes "evolving." You get nothing over 25 episodes of just a bunch of animated characters with sometimes hastily rushed lines. All because the bastard leaf stole the island with fake money. The ending doesn't effect the show after that.

Which is considered the second season.

Season Two[edit | edit source]

The nonsensical follow-up titled "Battle For Dream Island Again" gets released months after the end of the first series. The contestants don't get a real reward since there's no Dream Island anymore too (WE'RE BATTLING FOR... NOTHING?!!1n1n1bb4?111). Season Two also got a game that the twins barely had the balls to finish.

5b[edit | edit source]

Speaking of the game, let's focus on that for a little bit. It was the second part of the 5-episode long arc, BFDIA 5. It acts as the bridge between BFDIA 5a and 5c. One of the teams, "Freesmart" (called that because "Freedumb" is too much), is a subject of vore and are eaten alive by Evil Leafy. This sets up the basis of the game, in which you must traverse Evil Leafy's strange insides. Somehow, her organ are conveniently all in the shape of platform levels, filled with moving obstacles, spikes, conveyors, trampolines, and a Lego dude. The game itself has this strange feeling to it that feels like being trapped inside a red leaf who can teleport all Slenderman and be all "get in my belly" or whatever. Oddly specific.

Elimination[edit | edit source]

Duhduhduhduhduhduhduhduh, Cake at Stake!!

The process of elimination goes like this: the viewers vote off who they want eliminated in the next episode's elimination, which is referred to as "Cake at Stake". This is so because this who are safe take cake, and those at stake can't take cake until they are safe. The contestant with the highest votes is eliminated, and is put into the Tiny Loser Chamber (TLC). In there, the eliminated can kill themselves or live in there until they starve, because gray speaker box overlord is merciless.

Characters[edit | edit source]

If you want a roster, you'll get a roster. There's the match in high school who just discovered nail polish, the bubble who can't live because she dies every five seconds, the giant sweaty sponge that everyone hates, the "bossybot", an open flame that you can physically slap in the face to your heart's content, and Needy Needle(*SLAP* DON'T CALL ME NEEDY!). The Season Two roster got more confusing as fan characters were introduced, and a gap between the first two seasons allowed fans to vote which characters made it in. So we got a green blob of Jell-O, a seizure-inducing LSD puffball, and an auto-tuned shard of ruby. Including the half blind stick figure named Dora.

The characters made their appearance first in a series of comics made by the twins, called "Total Firey Island". Not a TDI bootleg, DON'T STEAL. The open flame was not the host, as some might expect. In fact, as was eventually eliminated from the show! We already got getting rid of the main character back in 2006 when SEGA tried "rebooting" something.

IDFB[edit | edit source]

The Third Season that has nothing to do with the previous seasons, and instead sets the objects in Yoyle City, a fictional town from Season Two. Hoe jokes aside, it makes an impression of mystery, such as Golf Ball getting triggered by a vase. No really. And the next episode isn't coming out until 1 more year from then, and it wasn't even episode 2, it was season 4. What a lame ass decision.

Battle for BFDI/BFB[edit | edit source]

After the hiatus, and out of nowhere, a season 4 came, and it ate some swaty ass before it rolled out. It had much lazier animation than before, and EVEN MORE new characters, such as an annoying ass bracelet 'Bracelety' , a edgy light switch 'Liy' , a nail that thinks her mouth is a cat 'Naily' , a bitchy 'Lollipop', a Bag filled with Rocky's vomit named 'Barf Bag', a "Fan" who hates everything named 'Fanny', a Number-Screaming 'Saw', an Australian accented 'Tree', and a retarded 'Marker'. We also have flirting and surprise sex. Whoopee. And it started because some stupid flower wanted drugs, and the most unfair part is that the stupid flower won the season after a British green, smallest prime number, caused the disgraceful split.

Battle for Dream Island: The Power of Two[edit | edit source]

Season 5 was introduced by some idiot named Two (who has a British accent) for the sole purpose of ruining BFB. He took 40 of the contestants and never appeared on BFB again, leaving only 14, plus two more debuts for TPOT.

Fanbase[edit | edit source]

Leaving a permanent mark on the internet, the fanbase has started to decline a bit in recent years, but at the same time, getting even more annoying. We have those cringe “OCs”, inflation, vore, straight up porn within the fifth image of a Google image search; pretty much anything you can get away with. Or that you technically can't get away with.

Summary[edit | edit source]

All in all, it meant good, but ended up bringing just another thing to make fun of here at Uncyclopedia, where we make references half the time people don't understand.