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Republic of Fiji
Flag of Fiji (2).png Coat of arms of Fiji.svg
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "Rerevaka na Kalou ka Doka na Tui"
"Fear God and Honour the Queen" (for some reason)
Anthem: "Cibi" by the Fiji national rugby union team
Capital & Largest City Suva
Official language(s) Fijian, Fiji Hindi, English
Government Democratic Parliamentary Republic Except During Coups
‑ President Wiliame Katinovere
‑ Prime Minister Frank Baininarama
National Hero(es) Nobody
 of Independence
Not yet
Currency Fijian dollar (a currency with little purpose)
Religion Rugby, snorkelling
Major exports Coconuts, iguanas
Major imports Stuff from Australia, tourists, Indian slaves


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Fiji (Native: Viti, Indian: फ़िजी Fījī) is a country in Oceania that is visited by many tourists from Australia and New Zealand. It was a British colony back in the day and now is an independent nation. There have been three coup d'états there but people still seem to like going there. Everybody there says "bula" (pronounced "mbula" and that's no bull, uh) and "vinaka" but they also sometimes say "namaste".

Cities[edit | edit source]

The largest city is Suva, which is referred to by many as a shithole. Then there's Lautoka, historically famous for its sugarcane industry. Then there is the place tourists actually like the most, Nadi, which is famous for its beaches and coastline (just like literally everywhere in Fiji) and the huge number of Indians who live there.

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