Solomon Islands

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People's Republic of the Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands
Flag of the Solomon Islands.svg Coat of arms of the Solomon Islands.svg
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "To Lead is to Serve"
Anthem: "Walkbaot long Saenataon" (popular folk song)
Capital & Largest CityHoniara
Official language(s)Pijin, English, Chinese
GovernmentPuppet state of China
‑ Current Corrupt RegimeDemocracy
National Hero(es)Nobody
 of Independence
Not yet
CurrencySolomon Islands dollar
Major exportsAlmost nothing
Major importsAid from Australia

The Solomon Islands (Pijin: Solomon Aelan), now officially known as the Military Base of the Solomon Islands is a country in Oceania. It recently signed a security deal with China and ended recognition of Taiwan, making it now one of the most hated countries in the world according to Australia, Japan, the United States and South Korea. They have the most corrupt government in the world run by a tyrant known as Democracy. The people of the Solomon Islands also have huge protests about every election where they break shop windows and vandalise Chinatown all the time. Above all though, the Solomon Islands is a good country though, unless you're Chinese, the government likes you but normal people will throw rocks at you.

1945 Invasion of Vanuatu[edit | edit source]

On 2 September 1945, the Solomon Islands rallied their massive Navy and sent a kayak to Vanuatu with a former Japanese soldier (the entirety of their armed forces) and a Chinese bureaucrat. They arrived in Vanuatu The bureaucrat read out a declaration of war, stole the kayak and fled to New Caledonia to seek asylum as the soldier burned down the Joint Forces Base of Vanuatu. Unfortunately for the invading navy, there was an American tourist visiting Vanuatu. The Soldier and the Bureaucrat had effectively defeated the Vanuatu military, but neither the Solomon Navy nor the Joint Forces of Vanuatu had access to modern weapons. The American was visiting Vanuatu to hunt the local wildlife, but gladly took the opportunity to shoot a human being (as Americans do). The soldier was killed and peace returned to the Pacific Ocean.