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Chinatown (Chinese: Ching Chong China) is the first and only city to be built entirely from porcelain china.

This is what Chinatown is made out of!

Established during the Royal Doulton dynasty in 1492, it was constructed at a cost of 100 billion in order to counter the economic threat posed by Red China. It is also the world's center for kung fu.

Built by one million slave labourers under the direction of the designers of the Great Wall of China, Chinatown contains over 42 thousand metric tonnes of the finest bone china, all carefully handcrafted into various forms ranging from protective cups to flying saucers.

Chinatown stood firm in its defences until the late 18th century when it fell to the Western onslaught of cowboys. It now is a shadow of its former self, despite valiant efforts to withstand everything dished out at it.

Reconstruction of the Old Chinatown district continues, although the new portions are mostly Made in Taiwan and therefore a poor substitute for the original. It often shatters upon impact, with cockroaches scattering in every direction.

Recently, a political debate over the political "correctness" of Chinatown has steamed in Congress. The Senate and the House have agreed to call it People-who-reside-in-America-but-whose-parents,grandparents,and/or themselves-have-immigrated-from-asia-or-its-surrounding-territories-Town, but this has yet to be passed by George Bush.

It is now home to the fast growing gang that have been self-named Asian Pride. They have established a Chinatown wherever Indians aren't in a one-shop radius. They are especially proud of their one inch ding dong dim sum. Everyone in Chinatown competes to sell their already cheap steamy buns for cheaper than their neighbor.

One should say that Asian Pride is the fastest growing poopulation. Which also means WATCH OUT THE CHINESE ARE COMING! Better surrender now before you get censored and sent to Xinjiang!

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