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Very not good Chinglish.

“Me say Chinglish.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Chinglish

Chinglish is in China get widely speak's a kind of English. It because it's ridiculous grammar mistakes become famous. To a ordinary English native people, Chinglish not have any meaning. Fact up, any say Chinglish's people should be discriminate. But if you see a man who rooks Asian, speaks glammaticarry collect Engrish and confuses R and L, don't discliminate him; he is a werr-educated Chinese ol Japanese.

Grammar[edit | edit source]

At Chinglish, although words and English not very different, but grammar has very big change. Chinglish grammar more like Chinese. At here, we provide a probably not complete grammar difference's list.

Standard English Standard Chinese Chinglish Differences
This is ridiculous. 这很荒谬。 This very ridiculous. Chinglish often lacks the verb "be" and instead uses "very".
He speaks Chinglish. 他说中式英语。 He says Chinglish. Chinglish often uses "say" or "talk" where standard English uses "speak".
Although Alice likes apples, she doesn't like bananas. 虽然爱丽丝喜欢苹果,但是她不喜欢香蕉。 Although Alice likes apples, but she not like bananas. In Chinglish, "although" and "but" coexist.
The house that has three round windows 有三扇圆形窗户的房子 Has three round windows's house Chinglish uses "has ...'s" instead of "that" or "which"
Angiosperm 被子植物 Quilt plant Chinglish sometimes uses irrelevant words in phrases.
You are very bad. 你好坏。 You good bad. Chinglish is occasionally self-contradictory.
Loose dried fruit 散干果 Spread to fuck the fruit Chinglish prefers bad words.
Alice reads a book. 爱丽丝在看书。 Alice is looking a book. Look, see and watch are the same word in Chinglish
I got an "-a" in math. 数学得了“-a”。 My actions have resulted in a negative public image for my family lineage,

and have damaged the reputation of those who share my surname.

Localization must be accounted for.


This sign up write "fall into water carefully".

At China[edit | edit source]

English people can will it understand be "piss straight in public".
Unrecyling, in format of fellow uncyclopedian comrade major come here unless planet do good.

At China, used for damage even kill English people's signs very common. Obvious the Chinese peoples hate English peoples. "Chinglish" actually is an on politics excuse, used for the misleading signs stay there. Lift a example, at China's a should guide you to toilet's sign says "go straight on public" (pictured). Majority's English people can will it understand be "piss straight in public". Other a sign on write "fall into water carefully" (too pictured). It can make can't swim's foreigners drown die.

At countries speak English[edit | edit source]

At you and looks stupid's China people talking, use Chinglish is really important. Else they maybe not can understand you. Another, "long time no see" the phrase very useful, because it from Chinglish and can simply be understood by every Chinese people.

Translate[edit | edit source]

English to Chinglish's translate very easy. Only two steps.
Step 1. Will original English correct translate to Chinese.
Step 2. Will the first step's result a word a word translate to English.
This skill although simple, but at work with stupid Chinese people very paramount.

Google Translate[edit | edit source]

Using Google Translate translate out's text very probably to Chinglish very similar. This is because Google's software very unstable, so translate out's text not very good. These texts' words order is messed up, Chinese person totally see not understand. Their grammar also not good, so not is normal English.

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