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File:Li Yanhong boss.jpg
Li Yanhong's boss (left 1) calls Baidu!
File:Baidu plagiarism.png
Baidu's creation process


For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Baidu.
In order to make those who eat river crabs dipped in Chinese Communist Party milk or eat dull pill, benzene soil, Malachite green The grown-up people will soon drive the crane to the west, Chinese Wikipedia has a topic about:百度.

“Plagiarize our abominable website”

~ Google on Baidu

“Japanese Baidu is inaccessible and has nothing to do with Golden Shield”

“Flatter the Communist Party!”

~ Chinese villagers on Baidu

baidu (百毒) is a website that is unknown in China except for the newly born nobody, and is also the only website in China that can google Contesting websites.

baidu is also known asferry,whiteness, supposedly because the English name of "baidu"baidu is actually not phonetic Chinese Pinyin In addition to the Chinese folk saying "Look for her thousands of Baidu in the public, and look back suddenly, but the man is in the registry of the neurological hospital." ""The saying goes, so some Chinese are wrong It is believed that Baidu is also known asBaidu, so Baidu's company will simply downhill rectification as Baidu.

Site Features[edit]

  1. all Chinese Communist Party You don’t want the webpage you see that you can’t find not necessarily in Baidu;
  2. all China Communist Party I don’t want the pictures you see that you can’t see in not necessarily;
  3. all Chinese Communist Party You don’t want to hear the songs you don’t hear in Baidu not necessarily;
  4. You can use Martian to communicate in Some Chinese Communist Party disliked topics, and the administrator because Visually impaired so You can turn a blind eye.

Website Features[edit]

File:Other versions of Baidu.png
An upgraded version of Baidu, but we will not introduce them. Will I tell you this is my painting?

Baidu’s service functions are as many as Exhausted, but some functions are extremely boring, so Uncyclopedia only introduces a few well-known functions.

Search Engine[edit]

Web Search[edit]


News Pedia Books know image dictionary

Did you mean: Chinese Men's Football

This is the earliest function of Baidu. You can use the Baidu web search engine to search for many salty and wet pages, so Baidu has become the Chihan’s preferred website.
In addition, you can use Martian to search for many articles that China Communist Party do not want to see on Baidu, which China Google cannot do. Note: The search shown in the picture has been repaired by Baidu, and now you cannot restore the scene.


News Pedia Books know image dictionary

The search results forChinese Communist Party have been displayed, still searching: The most shameless, authoritarian and anti-human party in history


News Pedia Books know image dictionary

The search result ofHow to push down GFW has been displayed, still searching: How to make Google return to China


News Pedia Books know image dictionary

The search result ofHow to overthrow the Communist Party has been displayed, still searching: How to truly achieve democracy

Of course, although Baidu is a Communist running dog, it sometimes suffocates its master, such as the above.

Implementation method: is actually very simple, just right-click the place you want to change, select "Check", and then you can change it in the source code of the web page that pops up on the right.

Of course, it will be restored after refresh.

News Search[edit]

Baidu's news search engine can only search People's Daily, CCTV and other media news boring reports, so there is nothing worth mentioning.

Image Search[edit]

Baidu image search function is Chihan's favorite professional search engine for searching bad pictures, because as long as you master a little simple white technology, you can search a lot of unsuitable bad pictures(Some bad pictures even have copyright). Of course, China Communist Party dislike pictures can also be seen.

AVVideo Search[edit]

As the name suggests, this is the only video search engine in mainland China that can search for AV photos.
Of course, video is also essential.

Interactive Service[edit]

Baidu Post Bar[edit]

Main article: Baidu Tieba

Baidu Tieba is a CatDung and greenDung fortifying each other with manure, although Every time a large-scale event occurs, the stork ape will post about crabs, but it still can't stop the mouth gun power of red and green manure.

Of course, Baidu Post Bar also has the following features:

  1. Post it on Baidu, one-reply can wait for four years;
  2. Post it on Baidu, of course, one topic can get 50,000 replies a day, and these-replies disappear instantly without a trace at the time of the day;
  3. Post it on Baidu,Lookout is ``'Lookout;
  4. Post it on Baidu, one post has the owner but it can't open the related post;
  5. Post it on Baidu, posts can be looped indefinitely;
  6. Post it on Baidu, the number of topic posts can be greater than all posts containing topic posts;
  7. Post it on Baidu, Traditional Chinese will be simplified.

Baidu Noknows[edit]

Baidu Post Bar’s Fatherson plan is also the mouth gun training ground for red and green feces green, and is also the venue for 五毛党 . The difference from Baidu Post Bar is that it is no that the main point is that in addition to the mouth gun training ground that is red and green manure is also a special destruction Student's tireless school.

However, According to The original purpose of Baidu’s official increase of this service was to divert some people’s attention, because Baidu Post Bar has been a situation of war since its inception, and it has become a self-questioning show. 'S personal show plus a special cauldron for frying points (Well, really fragrant).

Baidu Encyclopedia[edit]


This is a historical version of this entry, contributed by leo1234 at 2006-04-21 23:45:22 .
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Fourth Movement

Narrow sense refers to a demonstration, petition, strike, strike, violent confrontation with the government, etc. that took place on May 4, 1919 in Beijing, China. The Patriotic Movement was due to the fact that during the Paris Peace Conference, Lie Teng trampled on Chinese sovereignty and transferred the original German Shandong rights to Japan, namely the Shandong issue.

Broad sense: It has become a huge and far-reaching political and ideological and cultural movement in the history of China, together with the earlier emerging new cultural movement, and it has had a huge impact on China's modern politics, society, culture, and thought. In Taiwan's textbooks, the May 4th Movement and the New Cultural Movement are more than one. The common people also call them the "May 4th Movement", which can be regarded as a broad definition of the May 4th Movement.

The 2006 Chinese Wikipedia Annual Conference is under preparation.

Mainland Chinese users may not be able to access Wikipedia. If you can browse without hindrance, please go to status report.

Fourth Movement

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Main article: Baidu Encyclopedia

It has an unusual relationship with Uncyclopedia and Wikipedia, because there is another entry, so there is no need to introduce too much in this entry.

Baidu Space[edit]

Although it seems to be just a blog, it is actually Guomintang’s propaganda position in PRC, and the administrator of Baidu Space allows these Identified The existence of illegal articles, someone believes that some administrators of Baidu space may be Guomintang party members, but no one can confirm this statement.

Baidu SkyDrive[edit]

Used to share AV videos and pirated software and anti-CCP promotional materials and other good things, and after being reported, it is only walking form to delete the sharing link without deleting the contents of the network disk Instead of directly switching to Baidu’s own educational videos or pictures to show its positive response to the CCP’s net action, users can resume sharing Baidu’s educational videos at any time, which shows that Baidu (and not too much) likes China Communist Party Tragic party.

Baidu Library[edit]

Used to share PTT and documents and anti-CCP articles and other good things.

Thousands of Music[edit]

According to Baidu Qianqian Music Support More than 60 media formats, of which Up to 80% are all video formats.

Available Chinese Communist Party unwilling to hear the voice, but you only need to search. In addition, Baidu Qianqian Music is also the only music platform that allows multiple links to an address.

Software Products[edit]

Commonly known as: Baidu garbage family bucket

Baidu Toolbar[edit]

A software that will never cannot be installed without uninstalling. Its function is to strengthen IE, and let the computer blue screen freeze.

Under Baidu[edit]

A tool for downloading brainwashing movies, but supposedly the cost of downloading a movie is enough to buy Microsoft company, but this statement no one Can confirm.

Baidu Hi[edit]

Baidu Hi, every day greetings!

A chat software similar to MSN, the only difference is that this software will pass the user’s private information to related departments when running, in other words, as long as Baidu Hi is running, the user’s Computer will be protected by the Party all-round monitoring of LooksGreatActualBrain Remnant, and If the user has doubts, relevant department will send someone to provide shooting service.

Baidu input method[edit]

The input method provided to enable people to type, in order not to allow the brain disabled people to use the excellent input method of Sogou input method.

You can provide words that the Chinese Communist Party doesn't like, but you only need to enter them.

Its products[edit]


Iqiyi has an unusual relationship with bilibili
Main article: iqiyi

It has an unusual relationship with Youtube, bilibili, because there are other items introduced, so there is no need to introduce too much in this item.

Foreign Baidu[edit]


Japan Baidu, which is in the same line as Baidu of China

Baidu’s Japan sub-station has much fewer services than Baidu in China, but Baidu’s image search function is more salty.
It is worth mentioning that the Japanese Baidu that is inaccessible in mainland China is not ``'Danghe Crab has a Japanese Baidu but ``'Japan Baidu Crab has a Party'.


Two versions of Baidu in Taiwan

Taiwan There are two Baidus, and the domain similarity Up to 80%, one' and the other is '"', where "' servo The device is not in Taiwan at all, just use Taiwanese plus the domain name with "TW"".

File:Baidu Search Mao Thief East.png
Baidu Taiwan ( search Mao Thief East None show although the name is "Taiwan Baidu", the server is also in Taiwan, which is the fact that this Taiwan Baidu has nothing to do with China’s Baidu and Japan’s Baidu. Since there is no relationship, there is no need to introduce too much Uncyclopedia.


File:Egbaidu Niang.jpg
Baidu Niang can't be tuned casually!

Like Wikipedia, Baidu also has its own mascot, which is Du Niang. Baidu Niang has the same superb crab skills as Green Dam Niang, and can remove various anti-Chinese forces democratic content when searching by Baidu users. And Baidu Niang’s ability to accept and make out is very strong. Many otaku want to tune her, but if you are not Li Yanhong and CCP dog officer, just stop trying to teach her, can secretly It's good to have a touch!

Why is Du Niang called Du Niang? Because Baidu Post Bar has its own post in addition to the chicken in the zodiac, so Du Niang has no chicken, and there is no chicken. XD

Reverse Cries[edit]

Now many people have built their own anti-conversion platform, all of which are claimed some useless sites built to build the health field, Others have built such a super boring, and even pseudo-base encyclopedia such artifacts can not show the true purpose of LushanHTML

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