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Super Asia, not to be confused with Master Asia, is a continent as old as its tongue and a little bit older than its teeth. It can be found floating in tropical waters somewhere to the left of Asia.

History[edit | edit source]

Super Asia's national mascot, Superman's pet bull "Super Heffer."

Super Asia was initially formed after the end of World War II and served as a peaceful land of Tibetan monks, Russian labourers, Chinese rice farmers and roving bands of musicians, along with over 240 different kinds of animal and plant.

However, following the invention of anime, the nearby island of Japan suffered a population crisis of giant robots, which under President Shigeru Miyamoto's infamous 1960 Decree were forcibly deported to Super Asia. The giant robots, alone and afraid in an unfamiliar land, reverted to their basic programming and began to tear the country apart, destroying homes, razing fields, crushing major cities, and heckling loudly at concerts.

Super Asian War Turbo[edit | edit source]

Eventually the United Nations were forced to intervene, and in October 1963 a task force led by the Marx brothers landed on the beaches of Super Asia, somewhere near the capital city of Flummox. The initial battle raged for months, with platoons of hypercats leaping down the narrow city streets as F4 fighter-bombers screamed over head, strafing hapless blocks of tofu that had been conscripted into the army, poorly armed and trained.

Master Asia, a.k.a. "Super Asia," a powerful master of mastery. He has no affliliation with nation of Super Asia.

The turning point of the battle came in January of the following year, as General Donald McDonald (The Japanese Ronald McDonald) led a heroic charge of cavalry-mounted tanks that has gone down in history as McDonald's Big Mac.

The war continued for two years: see Super Asian War Turbo.

After vast gains over the course of the war, Karl Marx visited Beiijjiing in 1965 and came back with a newspaper with the words Marx, all my love, Dick Cheney. This sudden surrender was a cause for celebration for the folks back home.

Post-war[edit | edit source]

Following the war, Super Asia rebuilt and has now come to rival Asia in the fields of science and haberdashery. In 1966, Super Keno became the capital city. It is believed that Super AIDS was invented in a secret underground laboratory outside of Super Keno in the early ninties.

Super Asia is currently run by a small council consisting of Paula Abdul, Kobe Bryant, Mario, and Rob Reiner.

The official language of Super Asia is Asian.

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