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kosovo je srbija
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: In Kek We Trust
Anthem: "Remove Kebab"
Capital Pristina
Largest city Pristina
Official language(s) Serbian
Government Nobody cares
National Hero(es) Slobodan Milosevic, Pepe the Frog and Big Man Tyrone
 of Independence
Once of the Former Yugoslavian states that have broken up
Currency Albanian tears
Religion Christianity and the Church of Kek
Major imports 4chan posts

Kosovo is Serbia is a controversial possible country? Located in Serbia in the Yugoslavia area. It is recognized my most Western countries, except for the USSR with Putin, China with Winnie The Pooh, and other communist countries. It is full of drunk Albanians asking for gangbang time. These Albanians are known to engage in incest and thanks to generations of incest, Albanians have developed mental and physical deformities. It is also home to 1,000 purple dinosaurs.

It is a major hometown for the Purple Sandwiches Army, its military. It is a very small country, as big as South Carolina. Hopefully it will not join the Confederate States Of America like South Carolina did. It sometimes is known as "half-Serbia" because it is basically half-Serbia. Serbia hates it, because Serbia is Serbia and Kosovo is an asshole, so basically that kind of thing would happen.