Shark Mountain

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I have recently contracted a deathly disease and the only cure is the puju plant at the top of Shark Mountain.

Shania Twain on her disease and Shark Mountian at the same time

Sharks are really quite clever... Like foxes... But more like sharks than foxes, because they are sharks. Not foxes.

Oscar Wilde on sharks.

Shark Mountain
Shark Mountain in all its glory!
Motto "Our Dances are the bestest!"
Official languages Sharkonian, Shark Mountainonian, and Sharkenese
Government Sharkocracy
Capital Sharkington
Race Mostly Sharks
Religion Jawsish, The Church of SharkJesus and the Latter Day Sharks
National anthem "Jaws" by John Williams
Natural Resources Puju Plant, Chemical Weapons, Super Zombie Soldiers (But don't tell anyone)
Official Cuisine Peoples
National bird Left-Breasted Red-Crested Sharkbird
Emperor CopperShark
Population Lots of sharks.
Currency Shark-Dollars, Goldfish
National Sports Sharkian Interpretive Dance
Fun Fact Not a very good tourist destination.

Shark Mountain, the mythical but very real island where all sharks are born and eventually where they come back to die. Shark Mountain was recently featured in a for reals show which proved that it for seriously exists.

Shark Mountain is a ten kilometer island sporting only one village occupied by indigionious peoples known as the Shark Mountonians. Shark Mountonians are very industrious people relying on the export of puju plants as their major source of income, but unbeknownst to most of the Shark Mountonians the leaders of Shark Mountain have recently branched out their exports to include chemical weapons and super zombie soldiers.

The Sharks[edit]

Shark Mountain, as one might very well guess had they been properly educated as a child, is predominately Shark territory. Sharks, a territorial fish by nature, claim over 90% of the island and only allow the Shark Mountonians to exists on the remaining 10% of the island because they feel sorry for them and can remember a time when they were for some reason living on a island full of Sharks and were at that time humans and not Sharks but eventually became Sharks and let people live on their island.

The Sharks of Shark Mountain naturally do Sharky things like eat and swim, but sometimes like to paint and express their feelings through interpretive dance.

Sharkian Interpretive Dance at it's best.

Sharkian Interpretive Dance[edit]

The Sharkian school of interpretive dance has only recently come into the main stream as an actual form of dance, and the Sharks of Shark Mountain are viewed as the foremost teachers of this style.

Sharkian interpretive dance consists of one or more Sharks dressed in black leotards parading around a stage and moving, twitching and jumping as they feel is appropriate to some form of music. This can be quite beautiful to the trained eye, but most find it vulgar and crude when compared to other forms of dance.

Sharkian Interpretive dance differs from other forms of interpretive dance due mostly to the fact that it is preformed by sharks, where as other interpretive dances aren't. This is the prime feature of Sharkian interpretive dance that makes it so attractive to sharks and shark enthusists.

Last year a poll of the three coming years stated that Sharkian Interpretive dance has caused 500 thousand deaths worldwide and will continue to cause deaths in the past via the Sharkian Interpretive dance technique that allows the dancer to go back in time to eat someone.


The Left-Breasted Red-Crested SharkBird

The local wildlife of Shark Mountain is quite diverse. The Left-Breasted Red-Crested Sharkbird is the primary inhabitant in the Shark Mountainonian Jungles, it is highly toxic to sharks due to its large sack of poison in its stomachal area. Three out of ten Sharkbird experts agree that the Left-Breasted Red-Crested Sharkbird is highly toxic to sharks.

In fact, the Left-Breasted Red-Crested Sharkbird has been recently proven to be highly toxic to sharks.

In summary, the Left-Breasted Red-Crested Sharkbird is highly toxic to sharks.

In closing, due to the highly toxic nature of the Left-Breasted Red-Crested Sharkbird, it has been determined that the Left-Breasted Red-Crested Sharkbird is highly toxic to sharks.

If you look carfully enough you might be able to see the small clan or "cult" of Grapes nesting by their tree-based camp sites.

At one point in time, snakes resided in the area surrounding Shark Mountain. Their disappearance has been attributed to the undisputed fact that snakes are, in fact, non-toxic to sharks. Which, in the case of the Left-Breasted Red-Crested Sharkbird, is not at all true. It is highly toxic to sharks.